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Found 4 results

  1. The quest rules are very simple: For each round of the lottery, I guess a certain number of numbers. Your task is to guess which ones! In the first round of the lottery, I asked 5 numbers (from 0 to 9). Your task is to guess 3 numbers from those that I have asked. If you guessed 3 numbers correctly, you go to the second round and get 20 bonuses! If you guess 4 numbers, you get 30 bonuses, and if all 5 numbers, then the winning amount for the first round will be 50 bonuses. In the first round, you write 5 numbers! In the second round (if you have passed the first) of the lottery, I guess only 2 numbers from 1 to 5. Your task is to guess both. If you guess the 2 numbers, you go to the third round and get 40 more bonuses! In the third round (if you were lucky in the second round) of the lottery, I thought of only 1 number from 1 out of 5 (1-2-3-4-5). Your task is to guess this number. You only have one try! If you guessed this number, you get another 60 bonuses, on top of what you won in the previous rounds! Clarifications: Numbers are not repeated in one round. Only 1 answer option is allowed in one round. In the reply, write your options for all three rounds at once. In your application, be sure to indicate your Nickname and the Server on which you play. Editing answers is prohibited. Edited answers will not be accepted (better to write a new post) For multi-accounts - disqualification from the quest and RO. Example application: Glorfindel / Prime 1st round: 2, 3, 6, 1, 8 2nd round: 1, 5 3rd round: 4 Lottery starts now and will end on Tuesday(21/03/2023) at 23:59:00 Good luck!
  2. There is a 4x4 board (see down below) that has 4 different values on it: 15 bonuses (4) 20 bonuses (4) 30 bonuses (3) sad face 😞 (5) RULES: You have to choose two coordinates ( 2B - 3C ) If one of the chosen coordinate's value is a sad face unfortunately you lose Values of the chosen coordinates will be added together and that is the amount of bonuses you win Post your guesses down below by this form: Server | In-game nickname / Chosen coordinates Usage of alt account will lead into disqualification of all accounts! Board: Example: Prime / Glorfindel | A3 - D4 Sweeper starts now and will end on Tuesday (30/11/2021) at 23:59:59 Good luck!
  3. Hello everyone! Missed me? 😝 Let's make some forum quests, shall we? We'll begin with a MemoTest and, if more than 15 users participate, maybe we can play "Guess the Coordinates" 😉 . Without further ado: "MemoTest" For all of you who don't know this classic, you have a game board with 36 cells. Under every cell you will find a monster. Your task is super simple: find pairs of the same monsters. For every arranged pair you will get 20, 30 or 50 bonus, depending on what monsters you have paired. Contents - Rewards: Pairs for 20 bons (6 monsters per game board): Worm Poison Shadow Pairs for 30 bons (4 monsters per game board): Great Drakan Zaikan Phoenix of Darkness Hellmaine Kundun Pairs for 50 bons (2 monsters per game board) Golden Goblin Golden Tantalos How to participate: you have to make 10 pairs from cells 1-36, you can use each cell only once. It's very important to say your character's name and in what server would you like your rewarded bonuses to be deposited. Here is a little demonstration of how to post your guess: Javija/Medea: 2 - 21 3 - 9 4 - 8 7 - 10 14 - 15 17 - 31 24 - 26 28 - 25 32 - 35 36 - 18 Game board results for this example: In this case, Javija got 2 matches, 7-10 (Phoenix of Darkness) and 24-26 (Hellmaine), so his reward is 60 bonus (30 bonus for each guess). This quest starts now and will end on Sunday 23:59hs (server time). Good luck!
  4. Hello everybody! I'm you new forum quest marker 😁. I will be holding one or two forum quest per week, depending on your activity. Maybe and only maybe, if we have enough participation on the following quests, we will be able to arrange some kind of monthly ranking and offer great rewards 😉. It's up to you! Without further ado, I now present to you: "Guess the Coordinates" Simple rules: 1. Quest maker has made 5 different screenshots, without coordinates on them. 2. You need to guess the exact coordinates (100% precision, no exceptions). 3. In answer write: your nick / coordinates, like this: Note: Each player can only win a maximum of 2 rounds, there will be 5 rounds in total. First win is 25 bonuses, second win is 50 bonuses. This quest will be held on Thursday 21:30hs (server time). Good luck!
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