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  1. dkpro


    Until evening, ADMIN has not come in to handle this ... are they being biased towards the players @Arturs
  2. dkpro


    Admin banner all hacker =))
  3. kaka this is the display of the server that the administrator did not fix, causing inhibition for players Good luck....
  4. dkpro


    yes, im wait ADM ban class hack
  5. dkpro


    KAKA SV bug or Class Bug=))
  6. SV NOB =))), 500k HP +SD , 2 hit Die =)))) Who can kill the MOD when everything he controls is in his hand
  7. Admin nó bảo áp dụng SD là sao thế pro =)), vấn đề này bị từ hồi bọn Genya nó chửi rồi mà, Admin ko biết những vẫn bảo thủ =)) rất nhiều lỗi
  8. the problem is that it was buggy again, and I gave a lot of errors but you guys don't respond, I'm disappointed ...
  9. dkpro

    Evomon Evolves

    100 School drop 1 boss Evomon, Legen drop TOCA 20%, Event NOB
  10. dkpro

    [PvP] PK system

  11. Can you notice, what updates do you have?
  12. Why is my only showing 6% with level 5? while you set level 5 to 9%
  13. sorry i am confused with this subject
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