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  1. SuiSuiBii - Medea a1-a2-b2-c2-c3-c4-d4-d5-e5-e6-f6 monster : c5-d3
  2. SuiSuiBii - medea - E5 S1
  3. why hiding ur hp bar? combo and poting at the same time =D , is that a pot bot ? hihi..
  4. hi @Arturs , as seal of ghost horse been removed from moss lottery, where can we find the seal and elite guardian enhance stone ? because i dont see any elite mobs in canyon? near the elite flag.
  5. SuiSuiBii - Medea A9-B9-C9-D9-E9-F9-G9-H9-I9-J9
  6. SuiSuiBii


    I have a adam helm+L,hp,dd,dsr if u need
  7. Medea - Suisuibii b2 c2
  8. hi gm, can u add more info about elemental box ? it give only element capsule or there's a chance to getting normal capsule as well? and is there any way to getting normal capsule beside than quests and disassemble function?
  9. SuiSuiBii

    B>summ gear

    B>eternal wing boot+L+3soc B>summ ba glove(with Luck/without Luck) on medea server ign: SuiSuiBii (negotiable)
  10. will be the pvp opt disappear while upgrading ruud gear/weapon to next level ? for ex: blue eye to silverheart.
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