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  1. Kanade

    Kanade weeeeeeeeek

    So? :)) why did you not record when you going outside event and post it? :)) posted 8hours ago and no1 comment. I open comment to you =)) and where's videos report me cheating? banned me? =))
  2. i make sure he hate all vnese ppls :)) always using rules to ban us. Maybe when i attack in safe zone too and get ban too:)) all he need is picture or video record me and report :)) relax in scared :v
  3. Idk i just add harmory to my staff and received
  4. only double and triple success make my lines damage like BK
  5. me too pure attack build but my damage with final geal to suck
  6. attack speed of SM maxmimum 525 but the animation slower than other class just see the picture. i only deal 3 line damage and the bk deal 10 line damage
  7. wtf 549936 per line? i have half of this damage bk too strong Yes with Manticore and SilverHeart staff + 15 never = dk damage =))
  8. Nghĩa là chỉ khi nào còn SD thì damage elemental mới nhận còn hết SD thì không ăn damage elemental
  9. https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Kanade&serv=server2
  10. oh well. why when they have SD i attack them still miss? all miss? my blinding radiance never apply but they can? Pentagram damage not too big. only 6~13. Exactly i want apply my radiance's debuff on them but can't. i just ask how i attack them when they have sd apply my blinding radiance on them. THIS MY MAIN PROBLEM. Thank you.
  11. why everyone can attack success me? only me miss? they have zero errtel then i still miss. i got this bug long times ago, i dont care about this because they dont up their radiance but now have too many. i test too many times for my ele damage. i using other trash penta and same problem with this penta. they can apply radiance to me but im cannot so disappointed
  12. My character name : Kanade Server Medea My char have 100% miss with elemental damage.i try to using other penta and have same problem. i think maybe my pvp attack elemental rate too low but i ask some1 else lower stats and penta than me and he not missing elemental damage. i playing with this bug very long time so unfair to me.
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