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War of Legends

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War of Legends – our permanent event for solo players and guilds, which concentrates on killing bosses in the Legends Arena. This event is only active on the regular server.

Fighting for bosses allows guilds and players to earn special "Arena points" which will give the opportunity to spend them in the "Arena points" store. 
Also, the points are collected during the week and 10% of them are going to the Guild Master, which has its own store on the website. Every Monday, after the Castle Siege, the guild master receives all Arena points from last week.

[Guild master "Arena points" shop is under construction]

The power of all the bosses during this event increases significantly compared to their regular versions. Even Pouch of blessing can last a few hits from the top players and Asteroth will be a challenge even for the strongest guilds.

Boss Respawn time Arena points Drop
Kanturu warriors 20 s. 1 -
Genocider warrior 5 m. 75 -
Pouch of blessing 10 m. 150 Red chocolate box
Tiny RUUD snake 30 m. 500 100 RUUD
Soldier 30 m. 500 Boxes
Bali 1 h. 1000 Boxes
Fire flame ghost 1 h. 1000 Card deck
Illusion of Kundun +1 2 h. 2000 Box of kundun +1
Illusion of Kundun +2 4 h. 4000 Box of kundun +2
Illusion of Kundun +3 6 h. 6000 Box of kundun +3
Illusion of Kundun +4 8 h. 8000 Box of kundun +4
Illusion of Kundun +5 10 h. 10000 Box of kundun +5
Illusion of Kundun +6 13 h. 13000 Green chaos box
Medic 4 h. 4000 Elixir of health
Bodyguard 6 h. 6000 Elixir of agility
Erohim 25 h. 25000 Red chaos box
Asteroth 21:15 50000 Purple chaos box

Special WOL Buffs drops, duration 1 hour:
Medic - Elixir of Health + 3500 HP.
Bodyguard - Elixir of Agility + 1000 agility stats

In Arena points store you can buy:

  • Box of Kundun +1
  • Box of Kundun +2
  • Box of Kundun +3
  • Box of Kundun +4
  • Box of Kundun +5
  • Green chaos box
  • Red chaos box
  • Purple chaos box
  • Socket items box
  • Minor RUUD box
  • Standard RUUD box
  • Greater RUUD box
  • Condor flame
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Hello, is 100.000 zen on the Solider drop table of items i just killed the solider and it dropped 100.000 zen for me not a box jajajaj 😄image.png.3acadae45c942df824baeecfcdd181fc.png

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