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  1. JinMori / Medea H5 - D8 - B4 - A1 - J8 - C10 - E2 - F9 - D3 Good luck ALL !
  2. ff_silen/JinMori/medea/11:41 (perfect i wasn't signed in so it doesn't matter.)
  3. Excuse me @Arturs i have 87 completed quests 78 resets i am at 30x exp rate at the moment, but i can't vote i'm not getting my points for voting. Can u tell me if i need to do more quets i don't understand the table above very well.
  4. JinMori / Medea 3-16 2-25 5-2
  5. ff_silen

    M U S I C - B O X

    A little spice for the Legends xD
  6. Also to be honest i did get crazy lucky with condor flame and garuda flame i guess my luck is elsewhere^^
  7. i know just wanted to show both spectrums of the rainbow i suffer so he can be happy it's just luck
  8. i guess jokes on me i used 3/4 coins and got 3/4 jewels xD
  9. i agree there's people staying next to the queens farming them 24/7 with bots because u put that 20kk zen on the queen drop it's turrned in to zen farming spot for retards xD
  10. Thank god u can't open more than 5 windows otherwise we'd all be crazy
  11. I would like to see maybe exl>socket sets that would be nice xD. An interesting custom event would be a very nice addition. Other than that more bosses>bigger ruud rewards>ways to grind efficiently and not just hope to the mother of luck. I would love to see the old arena maybe in form of event. Or just open with more leveling spots. Faster rate of grinding AHS. Or Maybe maybe include random blood castle chance for ahs>0.1% or something idk that way people would fight for reward not just afk for attend or whatever. Event like Asteroth but with different bosses, include golden invasion in elbeland, give us more special mobs like fire ghost golden buldge etc. maybe even rare-r than fireghost with nice reward and relatively high hp so noobs can't kill them easy. Strange rabit event is a joke by all means zen not worth hunting, skeleton king event is a joke as well, silver medals gold medals are almost worthless, maybe make these events rewards a little better so players actually go hunt them. We need a gold coin this is a must 900kk coin or 999kk coin whatever give us a gold coin that can be stacked and sold in shop for gold so we can trade better and keep gold ingame. When i enter devil square it's 20 minutes every time i think, it would be nice if there were more special mobs like tantalos, maybe a bali or something maybe a solider, reward is by no means bad but, in 1 month's devil square's i've seen just 1 exl item drop. Give us something fun to hunt etc. Not just go helper afk for 20 minutes cos whatever spice it up boys xD. I have other ideas as well but currently this is what's on my mind. i think in gaion event statues drop mostly zen+guardian angel. And honestly if you put a low chance to get TOCA from statues that would be appreciated. Best regards p.s this is my oppinion and it's subject to change xD but at the moment i feel like this. (Please fix swamp of darkness mob spawns it's a mess some respawn in different spots and u need 2 parties to farm 1 spot or mobs just dissapear. some spawn outside of map by some i mean atleast 15% of all the mobs on the map spawn outside of the map until someone kills them. which never happens.)
  12. I partly agree with this post, but my suggestion would be a better resolution, give us more content to chew on. Give us a way to farm stuff consistently as long as we put time in to it. At the current point of the server i feel like we need a little better spawn managment some spawns are bugged mobs spawn out of the map in swamp of darkness(i mean i counted atleast 50 mobs that are outside of the map and i wasn't looking just casually walked past them. |Generaly speaking If a lot of players are farming together, it becomes impossible to farm because of the limited boss mobs respawn. I feel like a good Excellent/Socket/Ruud item obtaining system < This is a good idea also. I think Vulcanus needs a little bit more snake spawns or just increase a little bit the value of snakes and golem. Ruud is a little bit slow to farm. You have to circle between both servers to actually feel like your farm is paying of the time spent. One other thing is there is no clear way to obtain exl items consistently. I'm not saying it should be easy but i am saying if you're high res, you should have some sort of farming way to get exl items of higher tier than to go afk in 400+lvl and pray to god the next drop u get is not +mana or +ref or some shity solo option. Also at deep dungeon, swamp of darnkess, Abyss of atlans. It takes sometimes 2+days to get 1 exl drop. Imagine people are burning items also making them +15. I can't gather a Dark Soul set farming 1 month almost like crazy xD i couldn't gather a glorious set for 1 month of grind also. (ofcs if u buy from other people you could gather it but we're talking about farming items consistently like you should be able to when you're strong. Also server is not falling appart, but needs some tweaks here and there ! The server is really good so i think all of this can be sorted out with minor tweaks from the staff's side.
  13. @Arturs would it be possible to add exl Brave,Royal,Sraphim etc(socket) sets to the table maybe disable harmony for them so that would balance them, one of the biggest hardons i can get is having exl Brave set+2 exl green blades with sockets xD make it like 0.01% chance to get from special endgame boss
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