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[Forum event] Sweeper 17.09.21

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There is a 4x4 board (see down below) that has 4 different values on it:

  • 15 bonuses (4)
  • 20 bonuses (4)
  • 30 bonuses (3)
  • Sad face (5)


  • You have to choose two coordinates (A-D 1-4)
  • If one of the chosen coordinate's value is a sad face unfortunately you lose 
  • Values of the chosen coordinates will be added together and that is the amount of bonuses you win
  • Post your guesses down below by this form: In-game nickname / Server / Chosen coordinates

Usage of alt account will lead into disqualification of all accounts!





OpineL / Antares
A1 B1

Sweeper starts now and will end on Friday (17/09/2021) at 23:59:00

Good luck!

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Event Sweeper has ended, here are the results:

Prime x5000:

Morph - 40 bonuses
Superdoper - 50 bonuses
-Dragon- - 40 bonuses
RoseKiIler - 35 bonuses
KhongThem - 50 bonuses
Kiritokun - 40 bonuses

Antares x1000:

ExitDW - 35 bonuses

Congratulations to all winners and thank you all for participating



Message me if you have found a mismatch!

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