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  1. Swamp of Darkness BOSS Balgass Boss Crywolf Event
  2. AAlpha | Angel A1 - B2 - C3 - D4 - E5
  3. AAlpha | Angel 1L - 2L - 3L - 4R - 5L - 6R - 7R - 8L - 9R - 10R
  4. 1. my nickname: AAlpha2. game server: Angel3. which rule clause was violated: 2.34. nickname of offender: HEPPEN Notes: 1st picture is where he called me a dushebag(douchebag) which is an offending and curse word. I don't know if he just don't know how to spell or intentionally didn't spell it right. 2nd picture is the time stamp of the picture. I turn of the system messages when playing. I needed to turn it on again then take a screenshot. Thank you
  5. it is what it is. cant argue with you. i feel like chances have dropped as well. even for moss
  6. hey hey is the condor flame available in moss now for angel? you said that its going to be available after siege t thanksssss
  7. AAlpha / Angel A1 - B2 - C3 - D4 - E5 - F6 - G7 - H8 - I9 - J10
  8. i need help with my bons. its been 3 days and i havent gotten it. the ticket says in process. its ID 653 pls help thanks

  9. ill try that thank you 😄 i just wanna know how much it will fetch far and decide if im going to prioritize my set wing weapon or keep 😄
  10. No idea on price yet. Please drop offers. Im new thank you
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