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Found 6 results

  1. B<< Feather of Condor
  2. Hi players. Im looking for a trade of my RF with 30 r, 327 ml and 156 misions ( Clover character link ) = SM or DL with same reset or close. Im open to see another character, feel free to post another class if u want the trade. ty,
  3. I am interested in purchasing a Wings of Dimension for my Summoner. If you have a wings that you are willing to sell, please reach out to me with your asking price on my mail in game. I am under nick Pet3rski in the game. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from any interested sellers. 👊
  4. Hello everyone! I don't really know the value of the items as I have started playing on Sunday and I am an old 0.97j player so I don't know new items either. I have made an MG (wich I want to focus on atm) and a Rage Fighter. I need wings lvl 2, weapon, armor for my MG and RF. If the items are expensive I am really sorry if I am wasting your time as I don't have that much yet. Let me know! Thanks in advice!
  5. No idea on price yet. Please drop offers. Im new thank you
  6. vittorio

    Spot bug

    На карте Карутан по координатам 120 40, есть спот. Мобы на котором, раз в несколько минут, ловят баг и не агрятся на атакующих персонажей уходят максимально к точке телепортации в Аиду, и стоя АФК персонажи один за другим телепортируются в Аиду)) Может есть возможность как-то пофиксить это, или немного сместить спот дальше от телепорта)
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