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  1. The man who thinks he knows everything is you, make your own server 😁 You guys, from x50 and x100 always say about DL tank tank tank, but no one mentions dmg of DL, do u get the point here?
  2. True, if it is easy, maybe he can become a dev and make a MU online on his own and change anything he wants 😁 --- For me, DL of course will have more tanks than other classes, want to know more, you guys can read about DL's history. And the most important is: DL has a tank but small dmg, and can't kill who crying ... Is that still not fair with top dmg? or the problem is the top dmg always wants that they can kill all and still be alive?
  3. so what u are looking for, when I go dmg and got killed a lot? Mention CS wing so why do you mention set and only bk swell when I go max tank and max buff? __ fact, 2faced is you, davud.
  4. he complain, not me bro 😁
  5. Hi, nvquoc916. He has a bri +15 set and we of course can't kill him when afk, so tons of bons worth right? And he still has a huge dmg, so that's the price he can pay to receive both, I'm with exe set with a cheaper price just still receive 1, it's def 😁. So I think the complain is not reasonable. ---From DLHP1368 with love.
  6. Seems Davud is so sad because can't kill my DL, huh? Looking at your build bro. For me, with max tank max buff, and use guardian, exe set +15 added pvp, no dmg at all, and easy to get killed? if I still got a super tank and dmg, that's not fair 100%, but no dmg and have a huge tank, it's not fair with you? Or are you just a selfish person and want other people must to die when solo with you? Or still, says that blah blah I donated 2k and can't kill a DL? --- Bonus: Fact, When I max dmg and have max buff, can't live when fighting with you more than 2s (still use guardian). Max dmg and I gave a 78dmg to you, sometimes 2k if it crits dmg, mannnnnn. --- From DLHP1368 with love.
  7. fact, Promise is not to belong BlackWidow =)))
  8. DLHP1368 / x100 SEGA A1 - B1 - C5 - D1 - E2
  9. So now if u think it's common, let's make a video with stranger or enemy front of you and says "Địt mẹ ngu vãi cặc", and see what happend. Or u can say that in front of me, u think what happend?
  10. If someone says that sentence in front of me, I'll beat him until he gets to the hospital.
  11. DLHP1368 / SEGA Cards: K - K - K - K - K Suits: H - H - H - H - H
  12. Hi Admin, when I bought it on the website, I don't receive an extra exp, but when I bought it on x-shop, I got the extra exp.
  13. DLHP1368/ Angel1 - D2 - T3 - D4 - T5 - D6 - D7 - TExtra - D
  14. @Arturs Hi, I ask a lot but don't receive an answer from u guys. New question: I played x3 in rommy game, so why did I just receive 1 reward? The rule is I can get 3 rewards, could you please check and fix that?
  15. I saw u move all items to another account, why u do that, scared of a ban?
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