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  1. Good day dear admin team As you know my account has been banned because my friend used hack on my character. I realize that its not an excuse for me to say that I was not the one who used it, rules are rules I really wish i would return my items and continue playing my beloved server I created a ticket on web this request so you can calculate how much penalty i should pay, but got respond that I need to wait minimum 1 month. However @Arturs wrote in discord channel that if I want my items I can create ticket..(Screen attached) Concluding all of the above mentioned words, Again I do apologize for inconvenience my account has dealt to server, and kindly ask you can you calculate the cost of items return and character unban without waiting 1 month, I am hoping on your understanding and that u will allow me once more to enjoy this server. Best Regards Kanade from MUX
  2. hello sir. it's me kanade. im sorry about hacker playing my account. im his friend is real life and i told him many times dont hacked again but him still do that and i dont know. im very sorry about this.  im busy to work for 2~3 weeks ago to now and im not played and not changed my password. i did burned my brilliant ik helm 2 weeks ago and he want to refund it but he used the old hacked account to post topic. i will changed my password and dont give him anymore

    1. dingdong1


      4k web bon then unban


  3. Where's Goku senate? in here i can report him 🙂
  4. So? you dont read the rule? :)) you change file, abcxyz with file in game to make you in defend setting can select char. it's use bug :)) pls read rule
  5. No defend setting why cannot select char? shit report :)) if he attack you first and select char success or use alt + F4 is using bug bro :)) pls dont make a topic report like this again. it's make you look dump. so funny :)) you dont reading rules? :)) or dont understand this rule?
  6. Killing newbie? :)) i dont think so. They inside your guild. your guild and our are enemy and i kill all of richmond when i see then i killed newbie too? who know newbie or not? just richmond just kill. no need to talk 🙂 cry too much
  7. Just kill Full recover HP Option in w4 of Onizuka :)) before i can killed Onizuka full buff ( im not have ) and any DK with my DL Char -Kanade- ( Just sold 😞 ). why now you guys crying too much? 😞 sometime harder when he afk in monster spot, 26s para not enough some time :))
  8. IK has nerfed before. Before you can deal 500k damage with exc set, w3+15 ( max str, max agility ) and get 18k defend( max agility ) with tier 5 items. But now what? 310k damage with exc set and nerfed 2500 defend and you want to get 500k damage 18k defend like before you need wearing w4+15 and brilliant set+15 . too many. When you only run, IK cannot attack success to you except aoe skill :))
  9. Yes IK trash in CS at late game. Cant tanky like other char . 1vs1 cant win amost hottest class in game. skill far ranger but animation too slow 🙂 why need nerf? 🙂 all problem here is what build and style you make for your char. look like you never using SD potions and they always using. need only 3 second of paralyze you can kill a IK easy if they build all in damage. Just look at your items and their items. if different so high, pls dont talk :))
  10. -Kanade-

    Work time

    I saw this but dunno how can join :D. Have a nice valcation my Lord
  11. Yes ofc im frustrated from being banned but i got banned what i dont do and dont say. And you like me so what you think? banned for the move i dont do? :))
  12. You translate 1 by 1 word like that ofc this no logic bro. no1 vnese say only "Dit" and no1 englisher say "Fu" . And so. Dit me = Fuck it's true . VNese Dit me is a swear words and English Fuck is a swear words too
  13. and where's i say " Dit me may? ". He report me as i said " Dit me may " but where? You confirm i said " Dit me may " right? but still where? Need confirmed excalty bro. In the first topic what @cerebrum said? the second topic he report me again and put more words? and you hate me right? i make sure you very hate me :)) then you put the blame on me is' true. :)) where's FAIR?
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