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  1. 1. my nickname: onizuka2. game server: Prime3. which rule clause was violated: 4.22 , +++ 4. nickname of offender: -ScoobyDoo + his alt : https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-ScoopyDoo&serv=server1 DeathBook+his alt : https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=DeathBook&serv=server1 First, please look again this topic: We were so happy that we shed tears because of after 2 weeks thinking, atleast Arturs taught the unfair players a lesson with 1 week banned + rebuff cs . We thought that after this incident they would change and play fair . But not ^^ , They out Alli ( Warrior Guild ), out deffense Guild to make new Guild ( BBnBG) and regested cs . And 2 players(DeathBook, -ScoobyDoo) who got banned just some days ago , they pay some bons to unban, and back to game, joined new Guild. and the result is that we still have to fight with them, with ALL have 80% cs buff. ??? So is it because your punish is not strong enough? or they want troll you ? we think is both .. If you cant make it clear , then after this ALL will do same . so what cs buff / rule meaning ? and you still have to waste alot of time for this same reportsss again.. BIG merge coming soon. new server opening soon .4th birthdays of Mux coming soon. So please, Clean your house.. from 3 years old Mux players with love..
  2. why call me here ? i just saw that -Ryder- and Nezabuxyz are using bugged skill to kill all ingame now . you just lied about cant kill xyzzz They ( you include ) even out Alli, out G to get cs buff , and use those Bugged slayers to take cs today ...
  3. dont need log Twinks acc to spam here. that was big diffirent story and diffirent way to take castle but if u saw it was wrong just make other topic to report with evidences p/s: in vina , you go to the bank to rob money and when you get caught, you just need to tell to police that you saw they robbing on film/ television without getting caught. then you safe ??
  4. 1. my nickname: onizuka2. game server: Prime3. which rule clause was violated: 4.22,4.254. nickname of offender: https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getguild&name=HUNTER&serv=server1 https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getguild&name=VINACAFE&serv=server1 https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getguild&name=Warrior&serv=server1 video or anything will update tomorrow if need. pls check 2.22: same owner in twink G as we know , have more too( GM of HUNTER is -Avenger- + DeathBook, same acc with BoduongOi ) they made party with members of both defense and attack G HUNTER G already have deleted after that. but the list still above HUNTER Warrior VINACAFE ScoopyDoo ChoiTetLon Sherryy Tequilaa DeathBook -Avenger- BoDuongOi ThuyKieu Magee -ScoopyDoo CR77 Wiheimina -Ngau- Hapuk Ibutterfly -GauMap- 2.25: they same G member, same owner . make new G to reset cs buff .and both G protect and let new G get it.check Castle history pls if need more video of cs, we can give
  5. 1. My nickname: -Onizuka-2. Game server: Prime3. Which rule clause was violated: irresponsible behavior that causes serious consequences4. Nickname of offender: https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Arturs&serv=server1 about this topic : i didnt use macro to back spot : if you can give any evidence that i used , please ban permanent , not 1 week . if cant show evidence , pleae ban your char 1 week.thanks
  6. It seems like you guys are very happy? I thought I would wait Arturs check, but then I thought he are busy with the new server, so maybe dont need waste his time ^^ One fine day, I was busy working on another screen then Elvis came and killed me.I think let him kill a few times and then he'll get bored and leave, but not ^^ i dont see anyproblem here , nothing like what Skedi(Senate?) said (have full video too, just lazy to upload ) @elvis2707 better add more time, date server, then Arturs can easy to check it
  7. wow, i see now . didnt know ^^ its lucky Arturs dont work at weekend, still have some time to ..
  8. SM very strong, BK weak ^^ You killed me , why report me xD
  9. thank @Shade for this topic ^^ after Arturs answered in other topic, im using 2 PC for full 1 party now. ( all online ) ( ofc not only me using it ^^ ) but now see rule, it seem forbidden to use ? please confirm it @Arturs
  10. this topic's owner has been threatened
  11. but i didnt go medusa with -Lucifer- sm anytime . ( i logged that sm only 1 time ( video ) to check ballance between sm and bk ). if you want Admin check at medusa time , please tell which char used hack and atleast which day ? ( after Europa changed time, i can go medusa only 1-2 times / week )
  12. bro , are you using only left eye to watch ? if you want find me, open your right eye and look to your Elf monitor, maybe can see me ? (pls dont delete post after you found me )
  13. ( ↑ ofc after 1 second of hacking dmg , it up to 40k + i also want to ask Arturs too, why this week friday still increased dmg from others class to bk ? you can see the result how bk weak in video.)
  14. before Arca war can use Assign helper, but now cant . not bad idea if do same with cs
  15. @Arturs please fix this Cs buff. it buffed before cs time . ( so in this time Xlaws also got buffed 25% achi too >> more tank ) MrSun =Elegant ^^ glad to see u still playing
  16. qwerty456


    if u want see option of red one , then this is
  17. did u win Mattoni in duel yesterday ?
  18. in Angel I believe it’s 2x or even 3x longer :)))
  19. hey bro, so u didnt know what we wrote above xD those 1-2 reset char dont need attack LA mobs / dont need go LA map to get that 72k point . 1 main char in acc did it, and point will share for char in same account . do u understand now ?
  20. i found his main char ^^ ConChimNon ^^ he has 500k + La points . then no surprise . but it not hack
  21. he already deleted Guild ^^ about 1 reset but still have Arena point. they dont need attack ^^ all those char have same 73280 point was same 1 account . and .... (btw, u know main char of that alt ??)
  22. no matter what u did, u can win if u want , right ? ^^ then he will say he need press qqqqq to no die. without hp pot he cant alive ? Kent , are u around ?
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