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  1. before Arca war can use Assign helper, but now cant . not bad idea if do same with cs
  2. @Arturs please fix this Cs buff. it buffed before cs time . ( so in this time Xlaws also got buffed 25% achi too >> more tank ) MrSun =Elegant ^^ glad to see u still playing
  3. qwerty456


    if u want see option of red one , then this is
  4. Ranking PVP Prime Top 1. -Xlaws- SM Top 2. -DANGER- SM Top 3. MTuyetLinh DL Top4 . DeviL SL Top5 . TuanAmPhu Bk
  5. did u win Mattoni in duel yesterday ?
  6. in Angel I believe it’s 2x or even 3x longer :)))
  7. hey bro, so u didnt know what we wrote above xD those 1-2 reset char dont need attack LA mobs / dont need go LA map to get that 72k point . 1 main char in acc did it, and point will share for char in same account . do u understand now ?
  8. i found his main char ^^ ConChimNon ^^ he has 500k + La points . then no surprise . but it not hack
  9. he already deleted Guild ^^ about 1 reset but still have Arena point. they dont need attack ^^ all those char have same 73280 point was same 1 account . and .... (btw, u know main char of that alt ??)
  10. no matter what u did, u can win if u want , right ? ^^ then he will say he need press qqqqq to no die. without hp pot he cant alive ? Kent , are u around ?
  11. yes , maxed BK ( Finxx) fighted with u and lost 10-x ( x<5)
  12. can u say the Slay/Gc name who ksed with your sm . if can, please post some video about that ^^ ( hope it is not a video with the Slay/gc in your Guild ( u cant kill them ) and when u came boss they already attacked 1/2 hp of boss and u lost )
  13. I know you understand what's going on, it's not SM speed problem, its only have problem with ELF speed + lyra punish ^^ (that why u cant ks boss with elf ONLY) >>tested with my bk,dl,elf max speed + lyra punish on Sea worm , and see Edmg per sec ELf : 3m4 DL : 1m7 BK:1m How many with your sm ? @TonyMattoni
  14. its seem after 3 months updated , finally have 1-2 players from Richmond can ks bosses with you last week. then we have this topic today ^^
  15. or 1 char but stay at hot spot, still can make 1 fenrir/day succes rate is problem xD
  16. can i upgrade now and pay in monthly installment ^^ ❤️
  17. do u have Expanded Vault ?
  18. 10:5 with that lag...( he got delay around 5 sec ) if he not lag, DL win 10:0 for sure DL with ruud set cant die even he got paral (4:12)
  19. @Arturs please watch Postive video and comment . thank you
  20. Hi MsDevil , also Postive Senate . (since u like numbering sentences so i will do it for u) 1.we dont donate 2K like @TonyMattoni but we put ours blood,sweat,and tears into making feedback video. so please , as a senate dont easy tell it trash while u didnt understand/check it. 2.have u got any problem with bk ruud set ?its brilliant set ( last tier ). sm , dl , slay using it , why bk cant use ?? 3.Postive senate said i staged the video . but for what ? we here long time enough to know Arturs always make update with his check , not because of some video from players. 4.im sure my video is normal pvp , and i will take responsibility for it. (Arturs can check ) ==== about my video , please back and read again ? from start i just want to say that DL dmg vs Bk increased around 100 % , before 20k and now 40k+ ( why used ruud set ? because i have video he attacked me before update when i use ruud set too) and bk dmg vs Dl also decreased alot , bk hp also down around 100k why have huge diffirent between last update ( deep test ) and this time update ? Peace . from PRIME Guild with ❤️ (this is my lastest comment about this topic^^ )
  21. On 5/19/2023 at 9:02 PM,Po***ve said: Old prime settings was good for bk and sm because could stay still and use 1 skill 😄 now when bk HAVE TO MOVE to live it’s became to problem.
  22. first video i posted without hp bar, and he said i didnt pot for sure then i posted video again to show i used hp . now he starting talk my video is fake xD and his mean is Arturs just see ours fake video and made bad balance ^^
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