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  1. cruel


    Hey kid, can you read? If yes then read again, where did you see me saying I cannot afford it? I earn 25€/hour and I bet my electronics inside my house cost more than your entire house... Do you have some sort of deficit or something, or why do you struggle so much understanding the meaning of what I say? It's a big difference between not affording and NOT WORTH it. Now Don't ever speak to me again until you grow up, move out of your parents house and stop acting like a teenager, Capisci?! If you can do that, then maybe you can visit me in Italy and see what I can afford or not... Note to myself: A damn kid, living with his parents, without VIP, that kisses ass around for some Free BON and from a crap country, is explaining to me about the value of a game service and life in general. We're doomed if such idiots are the future of humanity... This is my last post on these forums, I'm tired of delusional idiots that think they're someone important and it's a big achievement in life to be Senate of a Pirate MU Server. Do whatever you want anyway, it's your server not mine, but the VIP Arena it's a "Ghost Town" and because of retarded decisions the server will die a good couple of months earlier than what should have last. And if you think the money will keep coming every 3-4 months on new servers then good luck. I have a feeling tho that you'll increase the VIP Buff back to 10% or reduce it's price once you realize the project was doing better financially before the changes. You'll do it sooner or later, when the owner will decide - not Positive that handles primary school games on the forums... Ciao!
  2. cruel


    You lost me there and I shall never reply to you ever again. It's clear to me that you have no idea about life in general. More than half your players have to work for a couple of days for that money (or their parents). It is affordable when half your players are from countries with wages of 100 maybe 200 Euros per month? People have to pay Rent, Bills, put Food on the Table and many many many other things. If you think a Quarter of their salary and/or couple of days of work for 5% Buff (pixels) is affordable for them, then you must live with your parents and here you get free VIP. And the debate wasn't about VIP versus non-VIP. That's the entire idea to pay for VIP to actually get an Advantage over non-vip. You insult my intelligence with your ignorance and ass-kissing here towards administration. Do you care more about non-vip? Then maybe we should all stop donating and we'll see if the non-vip will pay for this server to even exist. And it was also a SCAM towards us Donators. I did pay for 3 Months VIP on 2 Accounts in Advance and after just 1 Month my Buff got cut in half. I did pay for 10% NOT 5%. And the only solution from administration was to refund me BONs? DUDE that VIP costed €120 Euros !!! Now I'm getting angry, I'll respond to my own suggestion, YOU DON'T DESERVE OUR MONEY WITH THAT ATTITUDE OF DISRESPECT TOWARDS YOUR PAYING SUPPORTERS !!! YOU DARE RESPONDING TO US LIKE WE'RE TOTAL IDIOTS? I EARN 25 €/HOUR IN ITALY AND STILL SAY THE VIP HERE IS GOD DAMN EXPENSIVE WHEN IT COSTS AS MUCH AS MY INTERNET OPTIC FIBER CONNECTION AND/OR DOUBLE ANY OTHER MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FOR ANYTHING RELATED ENTERTAINMENT !!! WORLD OF WARCRAFT 11€, ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE 11€, AMAZON PRIME 5€, NETFLIX 13€, DISNEY+ 9€, PARAMOUNT+ 8€, DISCOVERY+ 5€ MUX LEGEND + 72 BUGS 24€ !!! ARE YOU F****** KIDDING ME?!!? I'M DONE HERE, YOU HAVE ZERO RESPECT TOWARDS YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS !!! Edit: I apologize if I have made anyone feeling unconfortable with my ranting in the second part of this post - my intention has never been to flame or insult anyone but I also demand respect and decency, not to be responded like I'm some kind of idiot, I hope you can understand that...
  3. cruel


    My friend, it was a Rhetorical Question to make a point. Inevitable people must make choices in life, we cannot have everything so must compare and choose... @Positive If you weren't a Forum Questmaker and you'd have to pay for your BON to get VIP, what would you choose with your €50 Euros/month - VIP on 2 Accounts or subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney+, Paramount+, Discovery+ and so on?! The point is with discounted offers you can have all that for the money, therefore VIP is Very Expensive for what you get for your money! (again it's rhetorical, just example to make the point we don't have to debate offtopic) If I find it not worth it and I'm from a western EU country, then what should players from less fortunate places say? They probably have to work for 2-3 days to earn that amount of money, therefore my suggestion either increase the Buff back to 10% or decrease the price to €15 it's very legitimate! I'm not asking for an increase to 50% or make it €5, just to have a decent value for what it is paid... From a business point of view having more people that donate is the goal, if you don't have income you cannot pay for Server and Website Hosting, improved hardware and increased bandwidth, game server-side and client-side fixes, any other bug fixes, game or website related, advertising everywhere, pay the staff, testers, translators, streamers, and so on so on... The SMART decision for any business is to have as many satisfied clients as possible and not be greedy about it - 100 payments of small amounts means more money than 10 payments of large amounts - it's economy 1 on 1. That is how our society works, plus with more happy customers you not only have higher income but you have more alive and busy Server! You've started a great Gaming Project here hands down, now keep us happy and to continue to support this awesome server! Make the Smart decision about VIP that probably 99% of your player base agrees with. And fix (if it's up to you and not IGCN) the problems we discover while testing on the live server... We test everything without any payment from our own time, as well as reporting back the bugs and writting on the forums, make suggestions and everything else because WE LOVE THIS GAME and YOUR GAMING PROJECT, DO NOT LOSE US, THE COMMUNITY OF SUPPORTERS PLEASE! Best Regards! Cruel
  4. Hello, My suggestion is very clear: Make VIP Buff 10% Dmg & Absorb as it was, or decrease it's price to 15 Euro/month to be in-line with every other major game out there! 24 Euro for that is over the top, I mean players get 5% for free from Guild Quest... I'm sure you have noticed by now the VIP Sales have dropped by more than 50% - and no, it's not that the players that had VIP stopped playing, they're still there most of them, it's just not worth anymore especially since the Zen Problem and LAG FEST and too low of a Buff to make any difference for the amount paid... Do you want my €120 Euros for VIP on 2 Accounts or should I go buy myself the Diablo 4 Collector's Edition instead? With just a couple of players like me you lose over a thousand Euros/month - those money would come in handy to pay for anything server related or just take it yourself and go at the beach... Make a choice, even tho I can afford it, I'm not willing to pay like an idiot double than it's worth! Edit: I apologize if I have made anyone feeling unconfortable with my ranting in my last post on this subject - my intention has never been to flame on anyone but I also demand respect and decency, not to be responded like I'm some kind of idiot, I hope you can understand that... Best Regards! Cruel
  5. The HP recovery is NOT % Percentage it's just flat numbers (I have it +6 on my Shield). Compared to the other options, this one is not worth at all, one of the weakest possible... Maybe you could make it 10% to be more decent? Best Regards! Cruel
  6. HaHa, yeah you're right, I've found plenty of those and some are funny like Pure White Clock instead of Cloak or Card Desk instead of Deck...Different words entirely just by changing one letter. 😁
  7. Because either IGCN team or Servers owners/admins don't know enough English language. There are many many words and/or phrases totally wrong spelt in the game... I don't even want to mention the grammar which is at a disastrous level... This is not really that important tho, what matters is game mechanics to work properly... Edit: @Admins Maybe you should hire someone to Properly Translate the Game, Website and Forum Guides because some words/phrases spelt wrong make the entire project look amateurish... Pay in BONs (virtual currency so it doesn't cost you anything) and do it ASAP, it's pretty easy and it doesn't require that much time from your side either! Best Regards! Cruel
  8. cruel


    If you cannot disable /offlevel just for the VIP Arena Map, then YES your Idea is Great, Remove the Auto-pickup Zen from /Offlevel. If one wants Zen should get an Unicorn Pet or just stay online without /offlevel... Best Regards! Cruel
  9. cruel


    my 2 cents on this - again, I have reported this "Zen problem" back in March, early days of the server... By now I have arrived at a conclusion: it's Most Likely caused by excessive /Offlevel on that spots for extended periods of time and/or the spots around on a HUGE Radius. And it doesn't happen only in VIP Arena but in any other map, I've experienced this annoying problem in Aida2 aswell. Plus, when this occurs in VIP Arena in one channel so does on the other. /Offlevel causing it in Channel 1 then the same spot gets problem in Channel 2 aswell and vice-versa... So in my understanding /Offlevel in 1 Spot in VIP Arena might cause problems with the Zen drop on up to 6 Spots per Channel - Total of 12 Spots with no Zen to pickup. Suggestion: just Disable /Offlevel in VIP Arena! The players with VIP also want to pickup Zen like the non-vip players... Also in VIP Arena the Spots are really really limited - across 2 Channels you have only 4 Spots (2 per channel) of a certain level and if all 4 are Blocked by /Offlevel players higher lvl, what are the other supposed to do, go back to normal maps? Either disable /Offlevel in VIP Arena or Enable Auto-Party for /offlevel, so other VIP players can at least get experience on the limited spots there by Auto-Party on the /Offlevel players... Best Regards! Cruel
  10. Because, as you have just confirmed above, Both "Bane" and "MegaVolt" are Your Accounts and you have Repeated the Mother Insults against two different players from these accounts. And the server also has logs anyway for everything and the admins can check anyone's chat from any channel whenever they want. Be Very Very Glad that you only got 4.6 * 1 instead of 4.6 * 2 for Repeated Mother Insults like I was asking, because they didn't check your IP Address Connections for the Accounts "Bane" and "MegaVolt". Since they are Both your accounts, and you have Insulted Mother from Both of them, then maybe if Arturs will have a little time to check your IP Connections, you'll get double punishment for Breaking the 4.6 Rule 2 Times. You are the SAME Person, dear Florin, not your chars or accounts insult mothers of others, you are, repeatedly! Please Read the Rules again: 4.6. It is forbidden to humiliate and (or) offend relatives and family. Penalty: block of Character + account for a period of 7 days * number of violations. Please don't hate me because you broke the rules not once but twice. Just stop insulting mothers of other players and everything will be fine. We can simply Ignore each other and play by the rules without insulting anyone's mother. I apologise for this intervention, but he pretends he doesn't understand that he repeated the same Rule 4.6 violation. Now with explanation I can finally close this chapter and keep going with my life. And also, Thank You to the Staff and Admins team for applying the Rules & Regulations of this community and making Justice!
  11. You must first learn to write corectly in your own language and only then, maybe then think of a foreign language.
  12. Mothers are NOT TO BE OFFENDED or even involved NO MATTER CIRCUMSTANCES !!!
  13. Just Read the main, the rest is just trash talk and lies from 3 pricks that should be banned forever from any game for their curses and lies... The screens are there, the translation is there, what else is needed to get the guy banned already? An admin that Reads the Screen and Translation, nothing more. No need for this shitty drama, just an Admin to Read 3 Lines in 2 Screen-Shots and Ban 4.6 * 2 and that is it. PERIOD
  14. If you tell anyone that to their face, they would kick your teeth in, that exact same moment. Here you are in front of your PC, in the real-life someone would put you in the hospital for saying "in mortii matii", that's how great offense is in romanian. And btw only trash, uneducated people use it. Do you kids also listen to "manele" right (gipsy music). If they don't BAN you enough, let's meet to Educate you and have you on your knees in front of my sick mother to appologise to her. You still don't get it, that Mothers are NOT TO BE OFFENDED or even involved NO MATTER CIRCUMSTANCES?!
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