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  1. You DON'T HAVE TO EXPLAIN NOTHING TO ME , YOU HAVE TO BAN THE CHEATERS. Can you read? I have said Hacks AND / OR Exploit. And for your knowledge, using a bug for personal gains (exploiting) IS CHEATING in any game !!! And if you say a 0 Resets can kill any of the mobs that give Arena Points, then you're a noob, you shouldn't be Senate. Go create a char on x50 and go Legends Arena to get raped by even Ogres in the midle at 0 Resets (or it takes 20 minutes to kill one and get 100 AP)...Good luck getting 500k AP for 5 Stars Guild Quest. Only 4 Legit Guilds did 5 Stars on the Server (one of them is mine), and you're saying 0 Resets can do it? ARE YOU FOR REAL ?! Enough said, you're flaming and spamming if you keep responding, stop acting like kids on social networks. I don't have time for your crap, always a Senate that wants to explain when no one asked them to explain anything...You all show your age, under 30 years old that grew up with the trolling and spamming on social networks... You make from everything a big drama - just ban them or don't ban them and shut up with the "explain to you".
  2. Check that and stop defending the cheaters by saying it were Fully Buffed 0 Resets chars in Legends Arena: Legit or Exploit? Angel 50x - Prison - MUX Legend Community Exploiting the server weaknesses is a form of CHEATING !!! They deleted a guild and made a new one even bigger... And I would like to see less Senate responses all over the Forum on absolutely all Topics, you guys are spamming. It is not of your competence to comment on absolutely everything players have to say, especially when you don't play on a specific Server, comment on YOUR Server (where you play) please! Edit: You can even Close the Thread since you take no action just talk: bla bla bla and spam spam spam and trolling trolling trolling for everything. It's like you're living on these forums and have nothing better to do... AND STOP DELETING MY POSTS !!!
  3. Read this: Legit or Exploit? Angel 50x - Prison - MUX Legend Community Arturs said Ban 3.1 it's the same assholes in a new guild after they have deleted the one I have reported here. @Skedi Next time please don't even bother to say "Full Buffed" 0 Resets Chars were in Arena, that meant you were defending the pricks if you try to find excuses for them. As I have said before if there aren't hacks then for sure this is exploiting the server weaknesses to gain a major advantage in the game. I don't understand why administration doesn't really want to punish in full force any kind of cheating (exploiting is also a form of cheating)... HOW is it even possible to still allow Bigbu to be on the server?!!? And others like him... Anyway this Thread can even be Closed, it's no use for people to keep argueing about things offtopic... I would like to see LESS Senate responses in every single topic on this forums, especially since most of them don't even play on x50 Angel Server... Best Regards! Cruel
  4. Because the Guild doesn't exist anymore, is more than enough proof that they were cheatting and/or exploiting !!! The Points for any Guild Quest are separated, I did it myself for a quest recently. Main char had alot of points and another char had only few points. They only add up for some Account Achievements but don't get shared between different chars on the account for the guild quest... That points were on every char you see there, that is why they also added up for a total of almost 500k Points... Points Add up for Achievements, not for Guild Quest, you can have chars in different guilds on the account, each is with their own guild points... That anyone can test
  5. There are NO Buffs to allow 0 Resets chars to kill in Arena, because you just miss the attack and still get 1 Shot by any Boss in there anyone knows that. Plus there are always many people in Arena and no one has ever seen that 1111122345689 chars... I've been farming there like crazy, no sign of any of that chars, yet they were still growing the numbers, when there were normal players killing the Bosses in the midle. Show me a video of a 0 Resets killing Bosses in Arena with Full Buffs as you guys keep saying, instead of admiting that players bypass the server security! I'm starting to get annoyed by all these noob answers... To get that MANY Arena Points one must kill bosses, to kill bosses you need to be able to Hit them, what buff exactly increases your Hit Rate to be able to kill a Boss, I tell you NONE !!!! You can take the best 4 chars buffers to buff a 0 Resets, it will MISS MISS MISS MISS AND MORE MISS!!! And also a 0 Resets doesn't get Guild Quest Points, the chars must have at least 1 Reset so they did it after Reset at a level when you cannot even enter the Arena... Give me a break already and let an admin check this, istead of noob stories like that... Edit: They all have the Exact same number of Arena Points, isn't it suspicious? Because you don't get the points unless you do the final hit on any mob in there. How did they get the exact same numbers? Which are not even numbers, meaning some kills were also made on the Spots in the left side, and that is IMPOSSIBLE real players were there non-stop the whole week. Edit2: The same answers that he is not a cheater I got before - and guess what, he WAS A CHEATER !!! (Bigbu) so give me a break already and investigate this, instead of giving lame answers. WITH ALL THE BUFFS available, a 0 Resets has no chance to kill any BOSS in the game, there are players that can't kill bosses at 45+ Resets !!!!!!!!!! All the Buffs combined cannot make up to kill bosses... What Buff exactly can make you resist tens of thousands of DMG? And what buff exactly can make you NOT Miss the attacks? the ML Attack Rate is NOT ENOUGH !!! And if the Points weren't made from Bosses, then to get 80k Points one must stay on spots non-stop, I've been in there minimum 16 hours per day on the spot and every couple of minutes running the midle, and killed plenty of illusions and other harder mobs in the midle... no sign of any char with number names, EVER !!! All I have seen was the Guild Leader from that Guild, that was having trouble killing the Soldier with his 20 Resets - Are you freakin' kidding me?!!!? Edit3: I want to see Video of 0 Resets "Buffed" that kills Bosses, otherwise you cover for cheaters to not admit server security got bypass or are friends of administration abusing like that... I'm starting to wonder why I even bother anymore, just announce the new server already...
  6. 1. my nickname: Cruel 2. game server: x50 Angel 3. which rule clause was violated: 2 and/or 3 4. nickname of offender: Guild "helo" I don't know which hacks or what exploits did he/she or they have used there. What I know is 1 Reset chars cannot farm in Legends Arena and not even enter at lvl1 as you can see there. If there is nothing against the rules here, then you can maybe tell everyone how to do it, because I have busted my ass to farm 125k Arena Points during the week and got killed hundreads of times... If there are indeed hacks and exploits then maybe you should use Hard-Ban against people that took a huge dump upon the server security... It's not enough to give them 1 Month on the account and then they do it from other accounts and then again after the 1 month ban is removed... It makes me think how many others use crap to cheat and didn't get caught... Best Regards! Cruel
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