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  1. ma4o0


    If Mattoni can kill 1 vs G then he is good player.I saw before more players who donates and cant play.good donater its not mean good player- its for kentran. Im banned before for my agressive words.how can i ban Positive and The end?they write agressive too.its unfair ban. Last one i want write.-all what im talk here write here all my words for fun.im not take serious this discussions.its game.real life not like game.how say before Italian poet-sizi uşa gütünüzü sikə var- What senates will do if they work with 5-10 workers together?)i have 1000+workers but not talk like president or Senate)). I have a hard time conveying my opinion. Because your brain is a child's brain, you may not understand.and ban again Love you my brothers Devil.Mattoni.Onizuka
  2. ma4o0


    Enought talking shit Positive Admins administrators lets make Vote system before change .before update and we ll see players want it or not.Your updates changes all for players.Vip 5 % and so low.better no buy this.How we play before when 10 %?. -----You Have to Move----
  3. ma4o0


    You have to Move Best regards Positive
  4. ma4o0


    Agree 100%.Talk before more time.not reason yet.
  5. Trash,photoshoped,bugged and pinged video.unfair battle.
  6. I ll start use this termin Before Positive after positive )
  7. Before all last updates all prime happy and noone post any opinion or any problem.im remember on old prime had only GC problem Dark plasma(big hit) and its thats all. All play with 30 +sec paralyz not only CS.normal map too.all play with SD not CD vip+10 and other what i write before.why we can play before good but now we cant? Who pridumal thats all?) I want say one.Old Prime more better than new prime. Give me back attack speed 325 SM too. I dont want Move to other server(like negative) thats why write there.
  8. Nerf Positive opinions from server pls)he is a real negative)
  9. We talks like man.we are real Prime old players.we test in game the real balance.and saw what changed in game.and write our opinions.we tested with Oni dl vs Bk and see waht changed).take me to balance test too for saw difference your(@negative) and ours)
  10. all are Positive works make dl stronger than Bk haha.Its your time Oni Post more))
  11. I dont remember when we fight together and you saw my tactics).im playing better than you write.(or you mind). Yea its my buisness.you must pay me % 😃 Play prime,saw good players and change server to angel then start talk trash )uodate.cry mry.event etc)) Dont forget you are superstar How Positive said YOU HAVE TO MOVE But move from Prime to Angel or to Sega like Positive 😂
  12. How Positive said YOU HAVE TO MOVE But move from Prime to Angel or to Sega like Positive 😂
  13. Then you creat ticket about this and admin delete punish PvP from all server).Why not delete punish from chars with 2 weapons.Dl/Sm still need punish PvP.
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