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  1. DM me in discord Id: brady_58
  2. Why are u sure that I'm watching ur stream or use hack to find u, LIGHT? Why not other cases? - Only you calling friends when playing game? (easy, where are my friends?) - Only you play Slay in this sv? - And if my friend watches ur stream and tells me the location? - And why do you guys always think about negative? c'mon, it's PVP game, more PVP more fun, people like it, and why u don't build ur buff or upgrade your items to fight with me when I come? ... To be honest, please think about positive, you guys are a man, a father, not a child. C'mon!!! Let's make the stream more fun, PVP game need PVP, not a AFK or PVE game. --- MegaVolt with love 😘
  3. brady


    I think Kent not report early because this reason.
  4. brady


    someone: I feel like the team of moderators is covering up for each other. --hmmm, I think so--
  5. Hi Arturs. May I know about attack/wizda of CS wing, when we remove this wing, others and I need to put 40 points into the master 3 table. CS wing is the prize for who wins in CS, so that make other in our guild member proud of it, and a bit benefit when wear it is don't need to put 40point into master 3 table. So it's so good if we can make a solution like: If DL wearing it, absorbs like w3 DL, so we don't need to remove it.
  6. MegaVolt / Sega 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
  7. Awesome, new skins comming 🎉
  8. it's easy guys, just live stream and don't hide anything, and fight, if you guys do not use cheat or hack, prove it to who don't believe it xD
  9. Hi, Arturs and other admins. I'm Megavolt from x100 SEGA. First of all, the reason I create this post is because Devil locked topic. As you guys can see, all in this Topic 8138, Finixx reports that I use macro so I just want to say that: - If I use macro why I don't hide all chat, why do I just hide a 90% chat, and let the input show up? (because I'm a streamer, at least my fan can know that I am always online) - If I use macro why I don't hide the board(hp, skills, ...) like some examples below? - "There are sounds of mouse click but no keyboard sound coz he don't press any button": about this, my keyboard sometimes stuck Q and that's why the q so up, you guys can enter the input and long press Q. And if you guys watching some examples stream below, we already know that we don't hear anything about Q button when they fighting, but when typing, we can hear the sound. - And the last thing, just let Admins check it, if not, you owe me Finixx. Thanks for reading my topic 💓 1: 2: 3: 4:
  10. Hi Arturs and other Admins. I wanna say that, if you guys can check an IP, I'm sure that he is on -Kanade- at that moment, and if still watch more on livestream, -Kanade- and I on a fight, so we have the same case with SMKent x5000 before.
  11. 1. My nickname: MegaVolt2. Game Server: Sega x1003. which rule clause was violated: 3.1 = https://gyazo.com/2ec2cd26034d0877bfc9ca0e5e8f11ea Please watch this link: "https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1818496467?t=00h56m00s" From 56m -> 56m15s --- i warned him in game about this being abuse along side many other players, he does this very often and finally i got video of this.
  12. Brady / SEGA Wishing you good health as tiger, longlife as turtle, eye like eagle, move as agile as rabbit, dick as fox, eat a lot as…pig, lots of money as water flow and happiness and fortune as a herd of grasshoppers.
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    New year avatars

    Brady/ Medea x100
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