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  1. Hi Arturs and other Admins. I wanna say that, if you guys can check an IP, I'm sure that he is on -Kanade- at that moment, and if still watch more on livestream, -Kanade- and I on a fight, so we have the same case with SMKent x5000 before.
  2. 1. My nickname: MegaVolt2. Game Server: Sega x1003. which rule clause was violated: 3.1 = https://gyazo.com/2ec2cd26034d0877bfc9ca0e5e8f11ea Please watch this link: "https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1818496467?t=00h56m00s" From 56m -> 56m15s --- i warned him in game about this being abuse along side many other players, he does this very often and finally i got video of this.
  3. Brady / SEGA Wishing you good health as tiger, longlife as turtle, eye like eagle, move as agile as rabbit, dick as fox, eat a lot as…pig, lots of money as water flow and happiness and fortune as a herd of grasshoppers.
  4. brady

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  5. brady

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    Brady/ Medea x100
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