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MUX Legend starting guide

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Welcome to all new players on our server MUX Legend!
Our server is distinguished by many of our own developments, which we’ve been introducing for many years. Therefore, you will find here many things that will be very different from the ordinary server. To get you familiarized with our world as fast as possible, this special guide was made, which describes the basics of the game in our world.

We hope that you will read it all. If you have any questions, you can ask them in this section.


Before you register, it would be good if you could find yourself a referral. Why referrals are needed and why is it beneficial for everyone?

1) First acquaintances in the game. Usually, the person which referral you have become, helps with leveling, items, or will help you to join the guild.
2) You receive bonuses for completing the "referral system".
3) People, who actively invite others to register through their referral link, participate in referral ratings and receive bonuses at the end of the month.

You will need to go through 3 stages of leveling, for each of them; you and your friend will receive bonuses. For example, use the Prime server:

You can find referral in this section, and, if you like, you can create your own topic, so people would register on your link. You can also send your link trough skype, whatsapp, facebook and so on. So that your friends could become your referrals.

In such way, if you just registered as a referral, you will automatically gain 75 bonuses + bonuses for resets.
We also have a rating of referrals. Once a month we give out bonuses, for most active barkers.



Our MUX Legend server is quite different from other similar servers.
Our aim is directed to the fact that players can spend their time interestingly, not just standing afk 24/7 on MU Helper, but constantly traveling around the world. For example, you have joined the game at 12:55

1) 13:00: Went to Chaos Castle:

  • In case of victory you get the achievement "Chaos Castle",
  • Participate in CC rating (for winning the event) and get bonuses at the end of the week,
  • Receive a box, with a chance of getting Condor Flame
  • Receive a RUUD box
  • note: All prizes in BC,CC,DS and Imperial Fortress are going to your Gremory Case (Press K button)

2) 13:12: Went for Golden invasion:

  • Progress in achievement "Golden Monsters"
  • Farming on the "Chaos Soul" items
  • Find yourself some useful items
  • You can wear them yourself or sell them on the market
  • If sell them on market - progress in “Merchant” achievement.
  • Even useless items you can smelt and craft new ones in the "Craft system"

3) 13:30: Went to Blood Castle:

  • Destroyed the Gates or Statue – progress in "Blood Castle" achievement,
  • Participating in BC rating, (for visiting the event) and get bonuses at the end of the week,
  • Receiving a Box for completing the event, with jewels or "Steel of heaven"
  • Double EXP rewards from monsters in BC.
  • Receive a RUUD box

4) 14:00: Went to Devil Square:

  • Progress in achievement "Devil Square"
  • Participating in DS rating (for points on DS) and get bonuses at the end of the week,
  • Generous Zen rewards at the end of the event,
  • Double EXP rewards from monsters in DS.
  • Receive a RUUD box

5) While leveling up or reset

  • Meanwhile, went to do scenario quests - receiving multiple rewards from quests
  • Trading in game or web market while leveling up

6) 14:46: Went to hunt White Wizards,

  • Receive a jewels and wizard rings
  • Farming on the "Chaos Soul" items

And so on. You can always find something to keep you busy and entertained.
Conclusion: By visiting events and in completing scenario quests. You will progress your achievements, receive bonuses for achievements and ratings + faster leveling. 

Also almost every week we have ingame or forum quests from GMs. Look into their schedule here
Even during a ordinary leveling on monsters, you can progress three different achievements, some of them might overlap:

Minesweeper & MU Holdhem (playing mini games)
Icarus Madness: (killing monsters in the Red Smoke Icarus)
Lord of Legends arena: (killing monsters in the Legends Arena)
Sleepless nights: (hours you spend online)



Completing scenario quests is a very important part of the game. During the passage of quests, you also progress the achievement "Quest Master". In the process of completing quests you will receive:

  • Stats Points
  • Zen
  • WCoins
  • Boxes of: Kundun; Luck; Chaos; MUX Legend; RUUD
  • Jewels of: Luck; Harmony; Bless; Soul; Chaos; Life
  • Chaos Souls
  • Misc: Elemental capsules and runes; Spells; Gemstones; BC Cloaks, Kalima maps,
  • Items for beginners; Star of Sacred Birth, Gold Medal, Silver Medal, Heart of Love, Firecracker.

You can earn up to 15000 stats points, which won't erase after resets. Stats from quest system is very important!

During the quests, you will also receive quite a lot of zen, which will be useful to you for passing the resets, fixing items, trading, etc. It is better to have full pockets of the zen in advance, rather than looking for it in very last moment.

Another important currency on our server.

Boxes & Mics items:
You can find out more about the drop of these items here



No less important part of the game is the website. In addition to various technical and game services, there are several important tabs for you:

1) Voting

It's simple. Vote for the server - get bonuses and achievement points.
Voting for the server is extremely important for its development. The higher our server is in tops - the more new players will come to us. More players = more active trading on the server and better gameplay for everybody.

Important: read the voting requirements here

2) Trade

Just by buying and selling items on the market - you will also progress your achievements and receive bonuses.
Golden monsters, CryWolf, Legens Arena event, possession of a castle and more. All this helps you to find items to equip yourself well, or put them on the market for sale, and then buy yourself items you need using the bonuses you earned from selling things.

Don't sure about item price? Just sell it via auction!
Also you can buy and sell characters in our market.

For non-standard deals, you can use our section on the forum here

3) Ratings

A vivid representation of the ratings and why they are important, you will see in the next tab.






Achievement system. The first stage is the complete achievements to receive a special buff. Buff affects the following characteristics: damagemaximum life, and excellent damage. In the second stage, you will receive valuable prizes. Bonuses, wcoins, RUUD, items e.t.c. Information about your buff level can be found here.

  • For the 1st star you get 1 point of achievement
  • For the 2nd star you get 2 points of achievements
  • For the 3rd star you get 3 points of achievements
  • For the 4th star you get 4 points of achievements
  • For the 5th star you get 5 points of achievements


After the first point of achievement, you Power Buff turns on, the figures aren’t too impressive yet.


But with the 100 points, it's much more better.

How does the process of gaining achievements in the normal game process looks like?

  • Every day voting for the server (voter), connected to the game, playing and join the guild (Sleepless nights, MUX fan & join the guild) 
  • Attending at events (BC/DS/CC/Imperial Fortress).
  • Completing the scenario quests (Questmaster).
  • Durring farmin recources (Dragon slayer, Golden monsters, Rabbits and Snakes.
  • Even just on spot, you can increase your achievements with the evomun or mini games (Minesweeper and MU Holdhem) 
  • Hunting for golden monsters (Golden monsters), obtaining excellent items, craft them to the next tier on the website (Craft master). Trading on the web market (trader and buyer). 



On our server value of items are much higher, because many parameters were changed. If you're used to collecting bronze set+9+luck+dd, we have bad news for you. Set bonus - the key difference. Our exclusive custom, significantly increase the value of items, which have higher grade and more excellent options. More about Set Bonus you can read here.

Where to find an items, boxes and bosses, you can check in this topic.

Changed all default parameters excellent, socket and archangel weapons.
Changed all parameters on the set items.
Changed options and parameters on the Mastery sets and weapons.

A different way of obtaining PVP Options.
Additional options on the items and Guardian pets.
Changed options on the MUUN pets.

Also, you can obtain items in our Website Craft system and Guild quests



Entry or creation of a guild is one of the most important parts of the game on our server. Without a guild on our server you will lose the following features:

1) Castle Siege & LOT + Stadium
2) War or Legends
3) Hero reset system
4) Guild quests
5) Arka War

And no less important is the fact that, being in guild will let you to find new friends and game companions, and also new enemies to compete with. 

Thank you for reading!

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This guide will be helpful for new players, who never played on the MUX Legend. :joyful:

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