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  1. change to IK or Slayer, these 2 class are solo boss mob killers in x50, that's why they love it there, PVE damage so unbalance if you choose to stick on MG, you need Punishment pentagram build for world boss hunting
  2. maybe you are fighting noob elf, try the veteran elf players, they will bleed you, try goldrabbit🙂
  3. you don't have MG obviously, first thing first, pair sword for str mg is a must, mg defense is the lowest or one of the lowest so shield won't do. second, mg is not the highest damage dealer, not second highest, not even third third, good pentagram build is a must, preferably Blinding, but it's not easy since it's very random, that's why Slayer is a better alternative peace🙂
  4. STR MG vs ELF = ELF will always WIN just by using Stun😆, you can always test this, same result. Slayer is a better version if you are struggling on STR MG since slayer have a huge range
  5. 😄Admin smiling while reading you go at each other while him waiting for another donation
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