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  1. WROTXER | Sega T - H - T - H - T
  2. Yes, I don't argue. I just go around killing. In response, topics are created here and called a schoolboy. Why is TheDartz silent, even though I am at war with them? This is not a one-sided game. I'm playing against someone else's goal. I have such a weakness. Those who are emotionally weak are trolled, but within reason.
  3. WROTXER | Sega 1, 36, 18, 17, 16, 8
  4. Why are you insulting a person?
  5. I'm not insulting you, you're the one who's offended.
  6. 3. There is no need to present anything. This is a common insult. By the way, many became friends with him after the war. 4. And this is also resentment and anger, because the person is stronger. How many topics in the prison section have you created in a few days?
  7. Here Shiva talks about my rape https://ibb.co/MMcCVwM
  8. 1. x50 and x100 merge. Creates competition = resentment. 2. It turns out that x50 players received prizes for their achievements = resentment. 3. Borg started chasing players x100 = resentment and subject to ban. 4. Me and DipDip started killing them = topics in the prison section are about me and DipDip. 5. There was nothing like this on x50. And I had a guild XEROES banter. Nobody was indignant. I think the whole point is the destruction of the established balance by x50 players and the loss of the castle.
  9. Above is a photo with a refutation. And I wrote this on purpose, to prove who you are.
  10. At first there was a thread with an attempt to ban me. Then I asked the question directly.
  11. There are also screenshots, but they don’t let me through due to size restrictions.
  12. And if I do, will there be an apology? Doesn't let photos through due to size restrictions.
  13. In simple words, this is called ratting.
  14. 1. my nickname: WROTXER KAMEHb 2. game server: Sega 3. which rule clause was violated: 4.18 4. nickname of offender: BeMe https://muxlegend.com/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=BeMe&serv=server2 Shiva https://muxlegend.com/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Shiva&serv=server2 Opis https://muxlegend.com/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Opis&serv=server2 This guild is bullying me and trying to drive me away from the server. They create unfounded threads in an attempt to ban me. Although there were 0 insults and violations of rules from me. They also banned Borg. They tried to ban DeepDeep just because he is stronger in pvp. Look how many topics they created in prison in a week.
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