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  1. Sent -HarryHook- - write me in pm with your correct in-game nickname
  2. Sent SympLe - write me in pm
  3. Greetings to all players of our server! Our project is constantly evolving, and now we need a person who will take care of our prison and in-game quests. If you: 1. Responsible, judicious, know how to sort out any conflict situation 2. Stress-resistant 3. Are familiar with in-game quests 4. Have good English skills, to be able to hold the events, understand and reply to participant's messages 5. Have a will and ability to entertain people 6. Are ready to devote time to carry your duties every day You are welcome to leave your application and give a try to that role. Your experience in similar positions (GameMaster, Moderator, etc ..) will be a definite plus. Just leave: 1. Your Nickname and link to the game character 2. Your Real name 3. Where are you from? 4. Your experience with our project 5. What do you think will make you a good prisoner and quest-master? You can also add whatever you want (such as a previous experience) to add in this point, full creativity welcome here. Salary in bonuses. Also extra bonuses for forum activity / discord activity / helping the administration. The deadline for the applications will be 11/04/2021
  4. I see. Thank you for your report! We've found some mistake about it. Your 15 bonuses is on your account.
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