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  7. Main problem of merging would probably be item/gear imbalance. I'm only assuming, but prime should have a lot more socket sets, ruud top sets, 4th wings, full vaults of toca and so on. Some people played and still are playing on both or just have a lot of items on prime lets say, they would end up with double the items than the average medea player. This would increase the population, but what about the black market, since the most stuff goes there. Merge should happen when both servers are at same level gear wise and when admin finds a way to fight black market. If its going to be made soon i would assume most medea players would not be happy about it, since we still have active players, competition at bosses/sieges. For example take into account how many 4th wings and silverheart/blue eye sets there are at prime and medea, compare that and if its at least at 4 to 6 ratio, sure make it happen. Anyway if it happens some people gonna be rich af, while the average player just gets his butt raped by 20 more players instead of the 20 current ones
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    New server

    Okey, the only thing that comes to mind at this moment is chaos assemblies , make the ruud more hard to get(or like more activity needed to get it, remove from lottery or lower the ruud from it) - this way the ruud would be limiting factor in getting endgame dmg sets (would need to hunt snakes, do BC, DS and so on) , not the chaos assembly as it is right now(new players could at least make +13 sets and high end players wont benefit as much as the new ones) administrations happy since its easy to config and more people spend on lottery, buying zen(bons), buying coins if both lotteries rates upped. Socket sets wouldnt be affected since it would still be hard getting seeds. You could add zen drop to bosses for lottery so people could go for them and maybe lower zen drop from mobs so people cant just afk and get assemblies easily. The thing is to be competitive you need 3rds and exc set +13, but to get on highest level sockets or ruud set is needed. This imo would make it easier for people that are left behind to at least be more than 1 hit and the gap would slowly even out, since ruud and socket sets wouldnt be affected as much Tldr add zen on bosses droplist, lower zen drop rate from mobs, make assemblies easier to get - would make bosses worth going for.
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    New server

    Making this server any harder that it is already is not an option (well it is if you want to close it down faster), they only way to keep it alive longer at this moment is to close the gap between people, some of them abused xp bug, some of them bought a lot of accounts and what about people that did none of that, they are left behind with zero chance to be competitive, most of those geared people are from one guild and it is not fun for them because no one can put up a decent fight nor is it fun for the other side. You are too hung up on the idea of a hard server, for the last two month i have had zero gear progression nor do i see myself gearing anymore in months to come because it is too hard or costs too much. Most of the players have jobs and can't be online 24/7 like some, so speaking for those that have daily jobs, bosses are so not worth the time. The only boss that was worth the time hunting it was Acheron debenter ones for errtel radiances. Add talismans of luck to bosses drop, seed, chaos assemblies, make gearing process easier because at this point you are just making it harder for the average person and keeping it boring for the person that donates and keeps the server alive. Hunting bosses with your guild is supposed to be fun, why would you make it so useless so people don't even bother going for them.
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    He means quests..
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