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  1. Dewars / Medea A3 - B2 - C6 - C4 - C5 - D3 - D6 - E1 - F2 - F5 Monsters: B4 D5
  2. Dewars / Medea B-3 D-2
  3. -Dewars-


    и талисман что бы ertel остался при не удачном улучшении, достать практически не реально)
  4. идешь в Vulcanus убиваешь змеек и покупаешь скилл))
  5. I'm not talking about this now) yes, I agree that the merge will occur with the same number of objects of the same type.)
  6. On Bless projects, there has always been a guarantee of the safety of the character and everything that is depicted on it. There was no question of a wipe. The people who played on the server devoted a lot of their time to the game. And there has always been unification if the server is lost online, so as not to contain an empty server. I don't want to convince anyone of this, would it just be bad if 10 people from an empty server joined a good online? And again, I repeat, I asked the server administration a question and wanted to know if a merge is possible this season!
  7. Good day. I play on a prime server. Online servers fell a long time ago, I want to ask the administration if it is possible to combine prime i medea servers. In your projects on Bless, Egames, MUXGlobal, server merging always happened when one of them failed. Dear administration, is it possible to combine prime and medea?
  8. Dewars / Medea 2/18 3/16 8/22
  9. Dewars / MedeaE3 E4 E5 E6 I2 I3 I4 C7 C8 F5
  10. Счастья, здоровья и очень много бумажных штучек на которые можно купить, много чего хорошего)
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