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  1. vilpas

    Server merging

    Also merging servers in such huge differences in gear distribution should go with some restrictions (for example impossible to sell transferred items/chars for some period of time). And I'm not talking about several days. If ppl from Prime really want to play (not to black or white market) let them, but without possibility to involve that items or chars on market for quite long period of time (in game trades aswell).
  2. vilpas

    Server merging

    Agree, but not at this time or soon. Atm it will make lot of mess instead of getting some benefits to server. At least half year more servers should exist as separate, before even starting topics about merge.
  3. vilpas

    Server merging

    Foreign language at international topics should be bannable. Huge disrespect for community.
  4. vilpas

    Server merging

    Server merge newer end with boost of players (most of players who afk on "dead" server play in other aswell). In general merges just give benefit for some ppl who selling stuff/chars after it, and give nothing to active server except items blast. If we talk about gear we can't compare this 2 server. Ofc if we calculate total items in server maby it would be +/- same, but main difference is that in Prime all that items are in hands of 10 ppl while in media same amount of items are shared between 100+++ ppl. So from my perspective merging this 2 servers would drop interest of playing for way more current players of media, that will bring from prime, so there is no point to do it.
  5. Agree. For ppl who truly believe they "invest" in VIP to cach up and would like to do it fast I would better recommend to buy high res char instantly Anyway it's not big difference if you are just afk in VIP arena with freshly made char.
  6. Main problem would be that 95% of "full party" groups would be from 1 IP (multibox)...
  7. vilpas

    Basic DEF

    DL have horse with huge dmg absorb, so he can survive way longer under lower def compared to other chars.
  8. vilpas

    Basic DEF

    Base defense can not be ignored, so it helps in pvp vs opponent who have items/master skills with ignore defense.
  9. Looks like it is same as discussing why energy elf can't force the opponent to face the ground (from your perspective should be kind unfair and unbalanced aswell). BK is only char that have combo... Have you ever wonder why? For some kind of perspective and setup BK can be buffer for party only...
  10. How does meeting a player associated with monsters killing? You can always make different gear/stats setup for pvp and pve. You can't dream to have hige pve dmg then you are in tank mode lol.
  11. Changing drop would make sense in fresh server, but now it looks like killing this one... Part of players already have items from drop, and for new players it would be extremely hard. In general then server is going for quite long time getting items should get easier not harder... By such updates you just stone top players on the top 4-ever. Shame...
  12. 1. My nickname: vilpaz2. Game server: Medea3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.2 4. Nickname of offender: Vlaginator5.
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