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[Forum Event] Meteor Storm 24.05.2024

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Meteor Strike.png

Your task is simple: You must survive 3 barrages of Meteor Storm.


  1. There will be 3 rounds.
  2. Each round you must choose 2 spots to hide in. 
  3. If you are hit once by Meteor Storm - GAMEOVER for that specific round.
  4. Successfully choosing 2 safe spots in a single round - 20 bonus.
  5. Surviving all 3 rounds - extra 40 bonus.
  6. Some safe spots will hold additional bonus.


An example of a correct application for participation:

Please write it in 1 row as shown below. This will be easier for me to paste and make calculations properly. Thank you! :)

Gucci | Apollo

1) A1 - C2   2) B2 - D4   3) D3 - A3


Results for this example (yellow dots are Gucci's chosen safe spots):


(DISCLAIMER! - This is just an example, real answers will be randomised)

If you've already posted your guess but want to edit it, you can do so until the event is closed.

attention.png.1e640f740039d7a789950ac79b94b783.png Usage of alt account will lead into disqualification of all accounts!


Event "Meteor Storm" starts now and will end on Sunday (26/05/2024) at 16:00

Good luck everyone!

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Grim | Apollo

1) B2 - C3

2) A1 - D2

3) B4 - C1

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