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[Forum Event] Door Rush 21.05.2024

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 Cool Text - Door Rush 449958228669454.png

Oh no!! You were thrown into an unknown room. There are multiple doors in front of you.

Your task is simple: You must run fast and hope the door you pick will break



  1. There will be 5 rounds.
  2. Each round you must choose 1 door to try and run through.
  3. There will be 2 unbreakable doors each round.
  4. Choose a correct door and you will pass to the next round. Incorrect - you loose.
  5. Progress is saved, so loosing midway will guarantee previous rewards.
  6. Rewards per rounds:
  •  1st  round - 10 bonuses
  •  2nd round - 15 bonuses
  •  3rd  round - 20 bonuses
  •  4th  round - 25 bonuses
  •  5th  round - 40 bonuses



An example of a correct application:

Gucci Apollo

A1 - B5 - C5 - D1 - E3

Results for this example (Red lines are Gucci's chosen steps):



Door Rush Completed.png


attention.png.1e640f740039d7a789950ac79b94b783.png Usage of alt account will lead into disqualification of all accounts!


Event "Door Rush" starts now and will end on Thursday (23/05/2024) at 16:00

Good luck everyone!

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ARTI4 | Prime

A2 - B5 - C3 - D1 - E2

Server: Prime
First language: RU
Alignment: neutral


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