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  1. Aequitas/ Medea A1 - B1 - C1 - C2 - C3 - D3 - E3 - E4 - E5 - F5 - F6 Monsters: B5 - D2
  2. Hi all, i found some weird phenomena in VIP arena, always happen to HellSpider, it will spawn and died, even if im not doing anything, like some hollowman killing them around you, i dun mind some1 KS....but i will prefer its a human player and not a ghost one, haha, Is this a bug?? Nations_2021_05_01_-_23_25_00_01.mp4
  3. Aequitas / Medea/ A3 S4
  4. Hi all, As title mentioned, i notice that some Zen pet is greyed out and has no additional zen increase effect. Rgds
  5. Hi all, would like to know the difference between lvl1 and lvl20 Elf skill infinity arrow skill. How much % damage have its increase??
  6. B>> DA MG armor pant boot = 2toca each part(MEDEA) Pm: Aequitas
  7. A noob question, does all map having same zen drop rate??? only difference in zen drop amount??? Or each map consist different zen drop rate?
  8. Aequitas / Medea E1-E2-E3-E4-E5-F6-F7-F8-F9-F10
  9. TheFattyBoi


    Agreed on 1. 100,000,000 format will be alot more better, current format i've always need to double sometime triple check the zeroes to be sure XD
  10. B> Ring Zen = Toca~~~ pm / IGN: Aequitas
  11. Oh thankyou Arthur, problem solves!!!close topic!!
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