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  1. Maho / Medea A1 - B1 - C1 - C2 - C3 - D3 - E3- E4 - E5 - F5 - F6 Monster : B2 - F4
  2. The MG issues are being addressed as we speak - hopefully it will be fixed
  3. Red Drakan did not spawn 4 hours after it had been killed. Last killed at 13:30 server time Update: Drakan still not spawning
  4. STR MG issue Damage is very low - 65 rr SM, with crappier items has 20% more DPS then full stat STR MG with a lot better gear?? This applies to both PVP and PVE/PVM situations. Char compared : Slipknot vs Maho
  5. Arca war issue There was no tower spawning in Acheron ibald between circles
  6. The speed difference in horses is very noticeable from "fastest" to "wtf so slow?"
  7. Why are horses so slow now compared to old server? Now horse has basically nothing better than fenrir, useless mount. And with fenrirs being easier to make, even more useless
  8. He means he's your daddy ^^, and you're the crying kid.
  9. Issue: God of Death black smoke skill timer / range While fighting god of death, even if mounted on horse and moving out when message appears it is still not enough to get out of the skill's range. Check if the skill range is higher than it should (couldnt test with 2 chars yet - one in range and one outside), or maybe increase the delay 1-2 more seconds? Thank you!
  10. Maho / Medea A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 F1 G1 H1 I1 J1
  11. Issue: MG skills All ranged mg skills with range 2/3 (fire / ice blood, fire slash mastery etc) do not have any range. When the skill is used char goes into melee range (normal attack range) XD
  12. Hello. The story is: i tried upgrading my FO HA staff+9 today. And i had 2 toca in inventory for this especially. I have burned an ancient item for good luck then.. I have put the staff and toca in the combination machine and succeeded making it +10. After, i did not close the window, did not remove the item, and clicked again on combination, assuming my other toca is already selected in the combination machine. I had no idea the game deselects tocas from the chaos machine when you combine.... And i saw fail and staff dissapear and toca still in inventory. If you can remove the toca from my inventory and return me the staff +0 i would greatly appreciate it and promise to be more careful when making upgrades. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Server Medea 1 - 21:50 PM gametime.
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