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    I've check all configs about drop. Now there won't be any problems with it. I've checked all boxes, monsters, bosses, maps and events. Now all should drop fine! Non-exc leather and entropy gun - Devias Non-exc scale - Lost Tower Non-exc round and frere gun - Icarus Ashcrow was added just like an additional opportunity. Like as Legendary for Rune wizard and Dragon for Slayers Excellent items as in this topic ->
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    Are Leather Gunner, Scale Gunner and Round Gunner sets added to the drop ? I can't seem to find any items, and I don't want to farm kundun boxes if I'm not gonna find exe items for my gun crusher. Also for some reason Gunner can use Ashcrow set.
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    every time i tele in Acheron map, it's always like this. How can i fix it?
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    Can be a little difference between the maps, but mainly it's the same. The count of drop zen depends on monster's level.
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    Do something... u can or not? if not - leave this server admin and go work on building... really, every time same problem?? everythime need install again game and in other folder coz u cant do ur JOB!... looser
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    again and in english idk there is no problem in my game files, maybe buy new pc the 10 years old pc ain't good enough for mu ^^
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    How many new folders we nned create after every new patch??? bilions?? be a man, do it right!
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    Hello. This bug appears on all Season 16 servers. We can't fix it, just need to wait when developers will make fix.
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    Hi all, i found some weird phenomena in VIP arena, always happen to HellSpider, it will spawn and died, even if im not doing anything, like some hollowman killing them around you, i dun mind some1 KS....but i will prefer its a human player and not a ghost one, haha, Is this a bug?? Nations_2021_05_01_-_23_25_00_01.mp4
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