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    I hope that doesn't happen. This will make even bigger gap in medium to high geared charracters and the strongest charracters. Making the game even more unenjoyable, since the so called max charracter still camp everything 24/7. People still strugle making w4 with decent options that they would like. Not everyone can play 16 hours, 7 days a week. Also yes, you have many w4 and no one to sell to, wonder why is that? Because of the unrealistic prices you all end up selling stuff recently.. Take example from one of the best mmorpg's era World of Warcraft Wotlk and why is the most played expansion, because people love to have maxed gear. Not every time they reach their max potential, the border increases and now they have to catch up again and again and again. In my opinion, the game should have a roof, where you reach it and then you make small improvements. Not such w5 which is by far one of the biggest spacers/improvements a charracter can make, beside a whole set.
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    Probably season 6 modified versions. I like the idea, so i save this topic. Maybe somewhere in the future, something like this will appear, but no warranty.
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    Hi there, I have suggestion for the skin service on website. Can we make it possibly to have option to take skin on and off? As I understand it, currently if you buy skin, you can only remove it and lose some of the bons you spent if you create ticket. However, I think it would be better if could make skins non-refundable, but have option on website to take skin on or off. Skin could be stored on website and locked to account once taken off, and can put back on whenever. I have skin brilliant kanade staff, and yes I like the look - but I also like look of Kanade, and would like to go back sometime. But I don't want to lose Kanade skin (or remove then keep paying for new skin, when I could choose skin on different day) I hope that make sense, would love other player thoughts Mercii
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    Yea, I didnt see any Kundun spawned today on LA. Soldiers, medic, guard, and orcs did spawn, but 0 kunduns
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    How about making this one? I know it should be "hard" to get them but atleast could be shown how many left, instead of running around the maps and searching for mobs, that already got killed.
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    Here is another idea in my mind 🤔 What if we finally can have actual sets , not just skins? I mean we got now mastery talismans that will help a lot to upgrade tiers and stats for new sets always can adjust :) The only thing here is that we got Brilliant sets already +13+15 and that will be pain to upgrade two more tiers and loose all tocas/bons that we used for current tiers
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    I can help you empty your space and accept some W4 wings from BK :D
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    Hi everybody. Name : -Lemu- server : x5000 Frime I've been playing on this muxlegend for a while now and now I feel like most of my items are considered Max. and currently I only know how to make wings every day and by now I have too many w4 types. I don't know what to do with that w4 number other than putting it in my inventory (Most people already have it so I can't trade it). So I want to ask, can we have a new update to create w5 so that everyone can have a job every day online? Thank :D
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    You will notice that no kalima bosses will appear in LA
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    name : - Lemu- Sever : x5000 frime I see Boss on LA is having an error. Can you fix it, sir?
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    Fixed. In-game vault.
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    Thx, now its looks like working correct
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    if u see ur first pic its not 2x 2% so maybe u are the stupid one? u seem to like to call other stupid but when others call u stupid u get triggered so much eh stupid? why so stupid stupid?
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    Lets play mini game. Who knows party mechanics better? 1) 1 character have Level 300 and receive EXP 10000. Second character with level 300 join party. How much will receive exp 1st character? 2) 1 SM character have Level 300 and receive EXP 10000. 4 more SM characters with level 300 joins party. How much will receive exp 1st character? 3) 1 character have Level 300 and receive EXP 10000. Second character with level 300 and master level 300 join party. How much will receive exp 1st character?
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    Well, since "we don't need" new mastery sets, maybe can add at least also Lightning set skin? Make people pick what skin they want - apo ir lightning
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    Idea about new sets sounds great :)
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    yes, fixed, it work now, tysm!
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    Hello. Fixed, please check it (need to unequip and equip) Problems were in GL and RF 2nd cape
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    skin service for IK pls! and socket set!
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    aauuff, it is sexier than Apo.
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    @Arturs we have an intruder )))
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    Thank you Arturs, but can you please make bastion rank 2 level 10? I had just done it moments before I lost. You can check files to make sure. It took long time to make it + 10 I will leave it in vault thank you @Arturs very much appreciated for the help! :)
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    1. my nickname: Kirsche2. game server: Apollo3. which rule clause was violated: 3) Sale or buying of anything for real money and virtual currencies, equated to real money, as well as any type of exchange and sale of the characters is forbidden. For violation of this rule, you will receive a warning or an instant block of accounts of buyer and seller.4. nickname of offender: https://muxlegend.com/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=ma123&serv=server2 Date: 12.05.2024 ~13:26
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    *Misoginyst *Apollo x200 *Rule 2.2 *zZlreliaZz *YouTube
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    Your login is santacruz? Put zen coins in the virtual bank please, I don't see them there now.
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    This is on the list. But will need to wait.
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    Changes in the lottery for a new server GROUP 1: Change: Removed MG shield. Why: No need to explain. GROUP 2: Change: Instead of Soul and Blue Eye tier - Silver heart tier. Why: removing 2 not popular mid-tiers to add one, but higher tier. These weapons will be more desirable for players. One upgrade and you have the final form of mastery tiers. Higher only MUX specials. Change: Removed El Hazard shield. Why: RW has the ability to wear an Elemental shield. GROUP 3: Change: Instead of Holy Angel tier - Dark Angel tier. Why: with the addition of Charm Mastery talismans and a bigger gap between groups 2 and 3, these weapons will be more actual to find and upgrade as your main weapon. You have the opportunity to buy a Dark Angel weapon for RUUD or try to find it in the lottery. GROUP 5: Change: Instead of Jewel x30, now it will be Jewel x10 + added "Jewel of Harmony" x10 bundle. Why: to keep more stronger jewel economy on the server. The chance of receiving items from group 5 now of course higher, but not x3 . A stack of x10 jewels of harmony will be a pleasant thing even after months. Who does not need a jewel of harmony nowadays? GROUP 6: Change: Removing Jewel of Harmony Why: Moved to the group 5. We basically didn't touch a lottery for a pretty long time, but these changes will be actual and will make the market better.
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    Pls add some skin for IK. Ik doesnt have any skin.
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    Pls don't forget, I did not upgrade my brill to apocalypse skin, because its so ugly. This I will pay for ^^
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    turn off the fckn mirror effect of ur front camera :D It took me 5 minutes to understand why the navigation buttons (up, down, left, right) locates at the left side of the laptop
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    Helo @Arturs can you pls help me Fix this, i just buy it they are 2option 2% can you change it to 10% ( i put it on Virtual Vault. Acc Name kenttran) Thanks you boss love love pặc pặc 🥰
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    Looks like fun haha, will the answers be revealed at the end? Pulling numbers out of my pocket here: 1) 11500 2) 15000 3) 11500 I think I need to do some adjustments xDD 1)10250 2)10800 3)10250
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    he just started a new reset group
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    If just saying sorry is enough then this world doesn't need police
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    Hello, i think its great that 4th wing relic has been added to the achievment system. However i recently recived a feather istead before the update. would i be possible to change? the feather is in my vault. Account: berzins97 thanks. Morph
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    yes rule just apply for VN people not for all player dont need ask here read more that why they ask me open this topic
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    They made the rules just to bully Vietnamese players, look at Juiby, he violated 4.25 but nothing happened, now he has 20 accounts online all day
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    this is the most gentle "Fuck you " i have ever seen Artus u are something , you should candidate for president XD
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    Yes. You will get a properly working option, this is a reward. Compensation could be for bugs, which can be abused to receive an advantage.
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