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[Guide] Fairy Elf

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Fairy Elf

(First of all - I'm no expert. I'm a noob who has sunk a lot of time into this game lately, and hopefully some of the things I've learned can be helpful to others.)

The Fairy Elf is one of the original 3 characters in MU. It's not one of the strongest characters, but has a wide array of buffs that make it extremely useful in a party, and a full-stat elf that buffs itself can be very powerful. Additionally the Fairy Elf has a strong early game, seeing that its attack and defense both increase from one stat, Agility.Among the buffs is also a new buff called Dex Booster which gives the Fairy Elf higher movement speed, which is both an advantage over other players but also just makes the game more fun and less tedious!

For a full list of all Armor Sets, Wings and Skills, it's all here with images.

There are two different ways to play Fairy Elf: Agility Elf, and Energy Elf.ElfGraphic.6dd58c9c33dd890ff22d.png.ef91e2a6eac560b28d8201fd71e3bc7f.png

Playing Energy Elf means you will basically deal no damage and you are only there to buff and heal other members of a party.
This is very useful if you play multiple characters, but since this is a guide for playing the game as a Fairy Elf, I am going to assume it's your main and you are playing Agility Elf.

In the end you don't really have to choose, you can switch to EnergyElf later.


  • Quick Summary
    • Use TripleShot, become Muse Elf
    • Use MultiShot, get wings, become High Elf
    • Use Raining Arrow

At first you want to do some quests, and buy the Orbs of Greater Defense and Greater Damage and a bow(this has Triple Shot-skill) from the elf-merchant in Lorencia by the northwest bridge.

  • Use Triple Shot as your basic attack in MuHelper, set up both buffs in the buff-section.
  • Level wherever gives you the most exp/second (use the MuHelper stats!)
    • Try to position yourself on the edge of the area mobs spawn in, so each Triple Shot can hit as many as possible.
  • Look for any bows that are better(higher damage), as long as they have Triple Shot.
    (Depending on the server you are playing on, it might best to check the market early. Often you can get a decent bow for 6 bonuses, which can be easily acquired by for example voting for the server)
  • At this point look for any armor that gives you higher defense. (Tip for any character: Start collecting a separate set with anything +30% Zen right away, resets are expensive!)
  • Put only the points you need for armor, weapon and skills in Strength and Energy. Put everything else in Agility.
  • I would recommend spending the first jewels you find to try and make stage 1 Wings, everything you have will be replaced so don't upgrade armor with jewels.
  • Do profession-quest to become Muse Elf when you are high enough level
    • Information about all the profession quests is here

Do this until you are able to kill in Karutan, here you can find Multishot, basically a more powerful Triple Shot. (needs Muse Elf)
You can also get orbs for Elemental Attack and Elemental Defense buffs in Kanturu, but they require spending a lot on Energy so I wouldn't recommend using them for now.

Now keep doing this and reset. Do quests, collect RUUD.
Put as much points as you can in Agility until it is maxed. (Then max Energy, then Strength.)

Get Dex Booster from Elbeland merchant as soon as you get enough RUUD. This just makes you move faster, but that's very helpful for questing, killing rabbits and traversing the Dungeon!

Get Stage 1 Wings if you haven't yet, and do the first part of 3rd Quest.(Can also do the icarus part of quest with dinorant. But recommend getting wings.)
As soon as you are strong enough to survive in Barracks, try asking for help to do the rest of the 3rd quest. If not you'll need to reset until you can kill Dark Elf yourself.

As soon as you become High Elf get Raining Arrow skill from Kanturu. This is the best AoE skill for Fairy Elf. It attacks all around you instead of just in front of you.

At this point you are really only missing Focus Shot which you also buy in Elbeland for RUUD.
It's a better single-target attack than Raining Arrow, but for large amounts of mobs Raining Arrow is still better.

MuHelper Setup:

Even though Raining Arrow and Focus shot have the same range, Raining Arrow seems to have a bug where the player targets a mob at the end of the range and does Raining Arrow forever without actually hitting the mob. Therefore I recommend having Focus Shot as the basic attack, and Raining Arrow as an Activation Skill that activates "when 2 or more mobs are in range".
In my experience Focus Shot has no such bug so if one mob gets left at the edge of the range after using Raining Arrow then it will switch to Focus Shot and kill it.

354759325_133912439723496_5109357162197942118_n.png.eac8297bfdbf2d23d23b5049ce7c2f13.png Remember that if you do this - it will only use Focus Shot when off-leveling, so set Raining Arrow as basic skill before /offlevel

Note: if you are using Infinite Arrow-skill you need to do it manually with this setup. I do that because it only has to be done once, and I have it on hotkey 5 so I easily see it if I haven't activated it.
It becomes gray if you have used it.
If you don't wanna deal with that, switch Dex Booster with Infinity Arrow. Only real advantage of auto-Dex Booster is that you are more likely to get to items/zen first, if with a party.

Master Skill Tree:

(Again this is just what I use, and I am no expert)
My thoughts behind this is:

  • Getting all the buffs to max potential:
    • Max on defense-buff, atk-buff, bless-buff and Infinite Arrow-buff
    • 10 in Heal Strengthener and 10 in Party Healing Mastery is needed to get through the Majestic buff-tree
  • 10 in Triple Shot Mastery and 10 in Multishot Strengthener needed for Raining Arrow and Focus Shot skills
  • Maxing Agility and Energy stat in left tree
  • Rest is focused on damage, mainly getting the excellent and critical rate upgrades on the bottom of the third tree.

If you were actually an Energy Elf, you would use a shield instead and use the rest of the points on defense- and heal-stuff instead of damage-stuff.
But this way we get the full buff potential while simultaneously being an attacker, so it's kind of the hybrid solution.


Majestic Tree:

The Master Tree was tailored to be able to fill the 4th page of the Majestic tree:



The rest I use on Raining Arrow Skill and DMG increase:



And that's it! From here I would recommend to keep doing quests and collecting RUUD and getting the Dark Angel Bow, and down the line also the Mastery set and their upgrades.

I have basically not played any PVP at all, so sadly I can't help you here, someone else will have to do this part 🙂



It is up to player which pet will he/she use later when gets stronger. There are attack base and defense base pets. Check the links for crafting and options of pets:

Cool-Text-Horn-of-Fenrir-446054666869350                            Guardian-Pets-jpg.png

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