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rage fighter

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hello admin i'm new to this game again its been so many year have passed i forgot the MU system, can i ask how to i start playin just farming on monsters? how can i get skills and items? 

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Hi and welcome!

At first basically you should mostly focus on getting resets so yeah just mostly farming monsters and maybe some golden budge dragons for zen and gold rabbits for jewels.

Also I suggest to start doing in-game quests right away so you can farm monsters and get exp at the same time, later on quests keep getting harder as well, you can check these topics for quest system: 



For getting skills, check this topic: 

For later farming bosses, items and other stuff check this topic:

A lot of information can be found on forums so just try searching and if there is something you don't understand feel free to write on forums or discord server.

Have fun!

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Hello. Also i can add topic about Rage fighter - 



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