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[Forum Event] Kings & Queens 17.04.2024

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Today's event is "Kings & Queens"



The rules are simple. We're gonna play some cards and these cards are only (K = Kings and Q = Queens).
You need to guess 5 cards and for an extra reward you need to guess the suits of these cards (S = Spades or H = Hearts).
For each correct card you get 10 bonuses and for each correct suit you get extra 15 bonuses! 
If you're lucky, you have a chance in getting a total of 125 bonuses!


And this is an example result:


WARNING - This is just an example, the real answers will be random )

Important note: You need to pick the right card for your suit guess to count )


Here is an EXAMPLE of a correct application:

Gucci / Dragon

Cards: K - Q - Q - Q - K

Suits: H - S - H - S - S

As you can see here Gucci got 4 matches and extra 2 suits! So in total it's 70 bonuses!


attention.png.1e640f740039d7a789950ac79b94b783.png Usage of alt account will lead into disqualification of all accounts!


Event "Kings & Queens" starts now and will end on Saturday (20/04/2024) at 16:00

Good luck everyone!

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ARTI4 / Prime

Cards: K - Q - K - Q - Q

Suits: S - H - H - H - S

Server: Prime
First language: RU
Alignment: neutral


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