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  1. I need buy character and items in x5000. Sent me offer by Bon Web.
  2. She is a half-elf Character, but she is also a magician and her ancestors were the noble aristocrats of Arka, along with the elves of The Wolf Altar. She is born in Noria and her specialty is to tie her enemies in remote combat. It has its own buffs, including one that increases Agility in combat. In addition, it can generate a Magic Ball that will attack all enemies near its range, at the same time it can use other skills. Professions: ║ Rune Wizard (by default) ║ Rune Spell Master (2nd Profession) ║ Grand Rune Master (3rd Profession) ║ Majestic Rune Wizard (4th Profession)║ Excellent sets of Rune Wizard Socket sets of Rune Wizard ○ Mage Pad (Grade 10) ○ Mage Divine (Grade 74) ○ Mage Sphinx (Grade 35) ○ Mage Light (Grade 116) ○ Mage Legendary (Grade 70) ○ Mage Kanaz (Grade 120) Mastery sets of Rune Wizard: ○ Blood Angel Runist (Grade 60) ○ Dark Angel Runist (Grade 65) ○ Holy Angel Runist (Grade 75) ○ Awakening Soul Runist (Grade 85) ○ Blue Eye Runist (Grade 95) ○ Silverheart Runist (Grade 105) ○ Manticore Runist (Grade 115) ○ Brilliant Runist (Grade 125) ○ Apocalypse Runist (Grade 125) (as a skin) Weapons and Shields of Rune Wizard: Maces: Elemental Mace, El Hazard Mace Socket Maces: Frost Rune Mace, Light Road Runic Mace Archangel Maces: Archangel Mace, Blessed Mace Mastery weapons: Blood Angel Runic Mace, Dark Angel Runic Mace, Holy Angel Runic Mace, Soul Runic Mace, Blue Eye Runic Mace, Silver Heart Runic Mace, Manticore Runic Mace, Brilliant Crepuscular Mace Mux Custom weapon: Crepuscular mace Shields: Small Shield, Buckler, Skull Shield, Elven Shield, Elemental Shield, Frost Barrier Shield, El Hazard Shield, Light Lord Shield Mux Custom Shield: Crepuscular Shield Wings of Rune Wizard: Wings of Heaven Wings of Soul Wings of Disillusion Wings of Fate Rune Wizard Rune Spell Master Grand Rune Master Majestic Rune Wizard Skills of Rune Wizard: Rune Wizard can use most of the skills of Dark Wizard. So we won't talk about all skills, because as you know there a pretty many Dark Wizard's skills. We will talk about the main skills of Rune Wizard and here they are: Main skill of Rune Wizard is Lightning Storm for PvP and PvE farming, Magic Arrow for Boss raids. These are the most powerful skills of her. Players can buy Lightning Storm skill from the Ruud Shop - Priest James which locates in Elbeland at 32.238 coordinates, Magic Arrow can be dropped from Tarkan mobs. To activate Lightning Storm player needs to spend 20 points (10 points on Plasma Ball Strengthener and 10 points on Plasma Ball Mastery) in Mastery Tree on Plasma Ball section. Secondary but also very important skill of Rune Wizard is Plasma Ball. Rune Wizard blows Rune Energy in the targeted direction. The Rune Energy moves and damages enemies. Buff skills: Expansion of Wizardry, Haste and Burst Here is the Skills Drop Table for all classes. Stats of Rune Wizard: It is obvious even from her name that Rune Wizard is a Wizard style class so it means the main stat of here is Energy. No matters on which server player has this class, he/she has to max this stat for max damage and buffs. Agility is the secondary stat as always for additional damage, defense and attack speed. In low rate servers this stat has to be set for max attack speed. On high rate servers like Prime player can max this stat. Strength stat plays role only for weapon equip. Player must add only the required amount of this stat to activate Rune Wizard's item options. On high rate servers like Prime player can add rest of stats after maxing other stats. Vitality is the one of the most needed stat for every class, including Rune Wizard. After maxing Energy, adding enough stats to Strength for equipping items and adding needed amount of stats to Agility for max attack speed rest of the stats should add to Vitality. More HP, more life, more durability, more fun. On high rate servers like Prime player can max this stat. PvE Master Skill Tree of Rune Wizard: want to mention that all builds here are personal opinion and can be customize in other ways. Here I made a PvE tree, but u can customize it for your own playstyles. Why I added 20 points on Magic Arrow. I'll explain in PvE section. PvP Master Skill Tree of Rune Wizard: Majestic Enhancement Skill tree of Rune Wizard: Either in PvP or in PvE this build will be enough. But for boss raids I'd recommend to customize a Magic Arrow build. Check PvE section for the reason. Level up: As it mentioned above, Rune Wizard is a Wizard and in any case she needs Energy stat. At the start Rune Wizard will need some damage and HP. So at the 1st phase of leveling up stats must be spent like that: Energy: 50% Agility: 30% Vitality: 20% For example, Rune Wizard has 10000 free points to add stats. Player will spend 5000 for Energy, 3000 for Agility and 2000 for Vitality. Note: Strength only for item requirements. Items and basic skills NPC location: Where to buy sets, orb, basic skills and shield for Rune Wizard at the beginning? There is a NPC Pasi the Mage at 119.114 coordinates which sells low grade, non-excellent items for Wizard base classes including Rune Wizard. Players can get items from here for 1st steps just for zen. Players can do quests from Quest Master and at the 3rd quest they will get useful skill and at 26th quest Excellent Elemental Mace with Mana option as reward. Click for taking a look at Quest List Depending on server, gears, stats, achievement points, set bonuses, buffs Rune Wizard can change professions: Rune Wizard to Rune Spell Master - at 1st Reset Rune Spell Master to Grand Rune Master - after 20-30 Resets Grand Rune Master to Majestic Rune Wizard - after 30-40 resets Note: With better gears and buffs Rune Wizard can take these professions earlier or vice versa with worse gears later. P.S.1 before taking 4th profession player can test his character at Deep Dungeon with Larvas. If player's character can handle with those monsters easily then he/she can take 4th profession also. Because the 4th profession test is killing Deep Dungeon monsters. P.S.2 any high level player can help with profession quests in party too. They will kill the monsters and player's character will pass the profession test. PvP with Rune Wizard: Rune Wizard attacks with 2 skills at the same time. Firstly Rune Wizard releasing Plasma Ball and then quickly changes skill to Lightning Storm. It is very important to use buff skills before the attack. Her playstyle mostly similar to Lemuria Mage. Lemuria also using Unleash Marvel skill before using Ultimate Force skill, but Lemuria's Unleash Marvel skill isn't moving, it stays stabile and deals damage in close range and Ultimate Force skill's attack speed higher than Lightning Storm, where Rune Wizards Plasma Ball moving in a direction and Lightning Storm's attack speed lower. PvE with Rune Wizard: Same as PvP Rune Wizard use 2 skills in PvE also. To make it easy player needs to add Lightning Storm as Basic skill and Plasma Ball as Secondary skill in Helper. Helper will automatically release the Plasma Ball until its cooldown and use Lightning Storm to attack mobs. Adding buff skills to Helper also highly important. Boss raids with Rune Wizard: Mostly Rune Wizard is known as a "weak" class, but no one tried to play with her as a main char. Rune wizard is good either in PvP, or in PvE. Especially in Boss raids. Let me answer the questions from old Rune Wizard players like "But we couldn't even deal average damage, how can it be good in Boss raids?". Here is the secret of Rune Wizard - Magic Arrow Skill. Magic Arrow not an important skill in far ranges. But because of number of arrows, in close range it deals insane damage with very high DPS. Just imagine a Rune Wizard with high end gears, like Mux mace, maxed earrings, demon (or better Imp with PvE ML build), +15 Brilliant Runic set, Lyra + punish radiance. Not even talking about VIP, guild, arca and elf buffs. With such items Rune Wizard with Magic Arrow can deal 3-5 million (even more) normal and elemental damage. It means Rune Wizard can kill Erohim in 10-15 secs. Pets: Dinorant: All pets are useful and gives huge opportunity either in PvE or in PvP. For start new players can use Dinorant. It is the most effective pet for starters. Dinorant increases damage by 15%, absorb 10% of damage and it has 255 HP. There is another advantage of this pet; player can move to Icarus with this pet without wearing wings. It is easy to craft a Dinorant. Player needs 10 pcs of Horn of Uniria which drops at Devias and 1 Jewel of Chaos. It is up to player which pet will he/she use later when gets stronger. There are attack base and defense base pets. Check the links for crafting and options of pets: Pros. of Rune Wizard: Cons. of Rune Wizard: ○ High damage ○ Low DPS with Lightning Storm ○ Ranged attacks ○ Can't teleport like Dark Wizard ○ Can attack with 2 skills ○ Boss killer machine ○ Can increase attack speed of itself and party allies Note: This topic is open for changes and for improvements. Feel free to write down posts if you have ideas, questions or suggestions.
  3. Hi , Squishiowl here. I spent whole night doing my research on Rune wizards and whats wrong with it (why he produces, so low damage) Past few day's i have been noticed that i've been losing events such as DS-BC-CC (which removes big income for RuneWizard players Zen,RUUD wise) I will be adding images, so everything is understandable. Let's start with attackspeed So since it's capped on 300/300 , our Buff (Haste Act) is useless and bigtime disbalanced. Couse it's our class advantige same as (SM-Soul barrier BK-Swell SUM-Berserker Etc.) Here is My MUXLegends charecter (Squishiowl) With Haste Buff 300/300- https://ibb.co/gjj7S6h Without Haste Buff 300/300 - https://ibb.co/WGGt3Hg You can see that It give's us no improvement. I will Add images from diferent server (Same season-stats-items(except weapon) - Im not marketing that server. Without Haste Buff 637/2274 - https://ibb.co/LY4tFFt With Haste Buff 2274/2274 - https://ibb.co/JyN65mK The diference is noticable bigtime. Now the "Epic damage" we can produce. I understand Mobs here are Stronger than they need to be, but hear me out. Since Rune Wizards damage comes from Wizardry Damage ,its lower than usual. Wizardry Damage In MUXLegends (Squishiowl) With 3rd MasterSkill tree Maxed/ Energy-32040/ Wizdmg -(4642 - 9164 ( +11088) ) - https://ibb.co/gjj7S6h On mobs such as in picture - I make 15-40k Dmg per hit -https://ibb.co/NWxm3RS Wizardry Damage In other server (again not marketing) Without 3rd masterskill tree / Energy -22197 / Wizdmg 5052 - 9011 ( +8920) -https://ibb.co/JyN65mK On mobs such as in picture - I make around 45-75k dmg per hit - https://ibb.co/Jk4FCRj I've talked with other characters Such as SUM , they have more Wizardry Damage with Less stats than Rune Wizard , and produces 160-220k Crits. Overall - I'm not asking to make Rune Wizards overpowered, we just need to get our advantiges back . Otherwise there is no point playing Rune Wizard - we lose on speed and damage. I'm not trying to be rude and hope everything is understandable, i've heard there are some issues with other classes aswell, but they need to do their own research. Thank you , for your Time
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