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  1. Hey There, I've got some questions about the Class Change System: - If we have almost every skill for DL class, and we would love to change to DK, than we will have the same variety of skills, like the ruud ones or, we should buy and farm everything from scratch? - Master And Majestic levels, Will they be thrown back to zero? - If our character is in a guild, Should we leave, or we can stay in there during class change? - Let's take a case where the player is sleepy and he/she want's to change class, but didn't took off his/her characters items, What will happen to them? Would it bug on them and the fist blazer would roam in summoner items? At first these were my first few questions about it Thank you for the answers.
  2. leboo95

    Level 400 Sets

    Thank you very much for the infos
  3. leboo95

    Level 400 Sets

    Hey There, Is there any infos about the level 400 sets like Lazy Wind for Dragon Knights? Where should we farm these? Thanks for the infos.
  4. Indo / Medea 3-15 20-25 8-17
  5. Indo / Medea 1 - H 2 - T 3 - H 4 - H 5 - T 6 - T 7 - HExtra - H
  6. leboo95

    Donate Problems

    Thank you very much.
  7. leboo95

    Donate Problems

    Hope it will be sorted out soon
  8. leboo95

    Donate Problems

    Hey there, Purchased 200 Bonuses, transaction succeded, but did not recieved the bons, Nickname: leboo95, time the purchase been made on the server: 22:58. Medea Server Thanks for your help.
  9. Would be great to have a bigger arena, with double the spots to be enough for everyone
  10. How can i register to Medea? Thought the Prime Login names will be good, but we need to register another profile.
  11. leboo95

    Claw of Beast

    Wanna buy more stacks of Claw of Beast. You want to sell it you tell the price, like in a real market. PM me in game or here: Leboo
  12. leboo95

    DMG problems

    Max STR and ENE, 41 k dmg, still makes me curious about this.
  13. leboo95

    DMG problems

    Hey there, Is this damage amount normal on a 215 reset character? basic damage got 8k, with excellent damage 181k. Gonna post the image below.
  14. Halika, Ha kockás a szöveg a játékban és nem tudod olvasni a dolgokat akkor ez a teendő! A letöltött fájlok, ahonnan telepítetted a játékot, ott van egy mappa "Install this Font" névvel, abban van egy szöveg fájl, azt telepítsd fel. Pacsi Leboo
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