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  1. Hey - one more thing. While adding points in the T4 tree -> I noticed that after adding the debuff (bleeding) effect - it shows me that the chances of success are -1%. I checked and added the full 20/20 and I still have -1% -> without activating Bleeding Maggic Circle during the already long fight. Only adding additional points from the lower panel - started to activate this effect. (Lightning Storm upgrades)
  2. Hi, I was hoping that after the update the Wizardry Enhance spell would finally work well - but it is still buggy. It only adds % regarding critical damage - but it doesn't raise max damage as it is in the description (mastery tree too) - in "C" I can see that Magic DMG increases - but it has no real effect on the damage dealt - critical damage and exe are still the same as before the spell was used. The situation certainly has a place for RW - I don't know if it does for SM as well.
  3. Abelma | Sega B2 - B3 - B7 - C2 - C7 - D9 - E9 - E10 - H4 - I4 - J8 - I9
  4. It was in-game -> I wanted to move them to virtual but only saw an empty space when I tried, so they stayed in the bank in the game
  5. Harmony opt back but im still without Blessing of Spirit*
  6. Abelma - Sega A1-B1-C1-C2-C3--B3--b4--b5-c5--d5-e5-e6--f6 Monster:F5; A4
  7. Char: Abelma, login:niewidek 1) all harmony lost from set's+ weapon 2) few nature blessing missing
  8. Abelma | Angel A4 - B3 - C1 - D4 - E2
  9. Abelma / Angel 1) A3 - C1 2) D2 - A4 3) B1 - B4
  10. Abelma / Angel Cards: K - K - Q - K - Q Suits: S - H - H - S -S
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