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  1. According to the practice of our server for cheats, a lifetime ban of all accounts. Perhaps Arthur will agree to make you a paid unban, but it will not be cheap.
  2. This has never happened before and here it is again...
  3. Most of the streamers are playing on the new server. You are playing on Sega. What is the conversation about? @noywk1991
  4. If you think it's so easy to be a cool streamer, then become one and earn bonuses.
  5. Hello. Please check your email. If necessary, use the password reset service.
  6. Everything is already working!
  7. Our email server has been down for the last 8 hours, but now everything is working. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
  8. Protection has been updated. There will be no more problems on the website.
  9. Our website and gaming service is under massive DDoS attack. At the moment, there may be problems with the website. Closer to the night, we will be able to improve the protection and completely solve the problem.
  10. Problems with donation by stripe have been resolved. Bonuses were credited to everyone who did not receive them. Now everything works well. We apologize for the inconvenience caused!🤗
  11. Apparently you have already bought a VIP account?
  12. Try reinstalling the game client.
  13. If you are not comfortable with your class, then create a character of another class and play it. If I see you again scolding on the forum or in the chat, then you will go to the ban in the game. Your behavior and disrespect do not suit us.
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