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  1. Apparently you have already bought a VIP account?
  2. Try reinstalling the game client.
  3. If you are not comfortable with your class, then create a character of another class and play it. If I see you again scolding on the forum or in the chat, then you will go to the ban in the game. Your behavior and disrespect do not suit us.
  4. Shanahan


    There will be a big balance update this week.
  5. Posts in languages other than English, please create in the international section. Otherwise, there may be sanctions.
  6. We fixed everything. Launch the launcher and play.
  7. https://forum.muxlegend.com/index.php?/topic/95-have-corrupted-fonts-in-game/
  8. Minimal amount of member in guild must be 10 players.
  9. Shanahan


    Just click on Aceptar and all will be ok! We fix it as soon as possible.
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