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  1. Rufes - Sega B1 - A3A2 - C1C2 - B3
  2. MG 2 handers need put in. I'm sure you could just put double set bonus on one just so MG can have there signature 2 hander and have some diversity in builds.
  3. YESSSSS its been stressing me out for over a month. My man
  4. Bump still broken lightning.
  5. Is there a ETA on lightning storm fix @Arturs?
  6. Hello All Now adding to the post about Balance the RW wasn't added because the poster @noywk1991 had not played it so couldn't comment so I'm going to add the RW section here So currently the RW is in the worst shape its ever been as since the s18 update Lightning storm does not register hitting most enemy's and is much worse in Events like Devil square and Blood castle leaving me only able to kill with Plasma ball most of the time. This is a reported bug and will hopefully be fixed however even before this RW was not in a good place. Firstly lets talk about her buffs and one of the main issues the speed buff. Now this Buff adds speed but making skills cost more AG, and on paper you think "Oh thats a great buff everyone loves attack speed" but sadly everyone has a goal of max attack speed so most players have that already and the buff wont make it go over cap. So now you are just left with a Buff that makes all skills cost more AG for no reason making the buff a debuff for your party. Now the other Buff Burst increases damage at the cost of more Mana but on this server the buff has been designed to be on to even out the RW with other classes rather than it being a burst damage buff. So in the sense its a buff to make us on par with others but thats not the point of the buff its small duration but big damage boost making RW Glass cannon as she has no defensive buffs at all. With both buffs in mind the RW has been "Balanced" to accommodate both her buffs on her so when shes buffed it really adds nothing to her just makes her in line with other classes but the other classes have there own buffs and this is where the RW falls off as her buffs are not usefull to parties like SM or BK. The RW needs Balanced without her buff then have her buffs as actual buffs. So now we come to the how do we go about fixing this. First the speed buff should be made a buff again and let others players go over their speed cap to use this speed. Being able to attack over your speed cap is a very attractive buff to parties and would make RW more sort after. Turn Burst back into what its called "Burst" not a static buff like Wizardly enhance. RW design is a go big or go home she turns herself into a burst cannon in exchange for cost. This is not how she plays in this server. Please rework the current RW as shes just a half arsed SM with no shield currently. She is meant to have the protentional to be the hardest hitting class at the cost of Not being tanky at all. But right now shes just not tanky, her damage is underwhelming and her buff is a debuff for parties. Simple Read version. 1) Balance RW without her buffs so her buffs are actually buffs on herself. 2) Turn her buffs back into Cooldowns with big numbers with both speed and damage. 3) Rework her speed and damage on skills to accommodate the fact the speed and damage buff wouldn't be on all the time. 4) Let the speed buff go over player cap speed so the buff is useful to other players.
  7. They need to be made tradable or once you get one it wont come up in the Lottery as Im sitting with duplicates i cant do anything with and rolling them feels useless id rather get a box of luck or a single Jewel then a Muun pet i already have.
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