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  1. Bills-Sama/ Medea D3 - B5 - H6 - A7 - H3 - A9 - B1 - F2 - G7
  2. billpham

    New server

    Haters begin crying to tell a story about their life . Good luck
  3. billpham

    New server

    hahaha, you begin your kid story again. Same sounds as GMs, you guys purchasing all top chars, bla bla thats why the server die. It's ridiculous, this does not hide your mistakes, yours faults in testing and creating the server. You are failed to recruit top players into your trash guild Storm because you are lacking of education I believe. That leads to your bad behaviors in any conversation between you, MU Helper :)), and players (everybody can check old conversations in discord). I still remember when I first played the game, couple stupid chars: Fitch, Respect in Eternity guild told me this: "Pt me or ill kill you", they killed me every single time when I tried to go hunt in Elbeland, box 4-5 even though the rewards are all trash. Now there is a guy called MU Helper saying that AVENGERS killing MUXlegend server and its players. Oh my goodness, what is in the world? I won't reply to any message from you by now because in an argument a stupid man would try to win by his experience. Haha, I am laughing because MUXlegend have a MU helper like this LMAO.
  4. billpham

    New server

    AVENGERS is a group of MU lovers. The first point is we are not alone. Second, we are MU lovers, many people in the guild have played mu for almost 20 years (19 years + I believe). They've played many different serves so they do have passion and deeply understand the game. We are not talking about trashes server outside. Making the server very hard is not the issue, but the issue is poorly organized and managed. The organization of the server itself is the main problem. I think the complains from players are good example about this. A huge difference? 1000 extra defense in reset server is pretty low. 1000 extra defense on a clean wing 4 is worse than 2 opts wing 3. Everybody would use w3 2 opts instead of the clean w4, why? Because it's clearly better. Everybody can get wing4, that's ok. But the options in the wing does matter here. The point of valuable items is its options, my dear. Once again, nerfing success rate change does not make the server greater! You are talking about economy? People in a country paying tax and they receive goods, benefits, social insurance from the government. In here, people paying tax and their voices are being ignored by GMs. They don't even wanna hire a man to work for customer services, which is big minus. Why don't you guys trade our shoes and perhaps you guys can understand how players feel when they trying to keep in touch with GMs? Let's come back the economy, how the tax in here is distributed to people? How did GMs actually do with them? Oh well, I don't wanna talk about this because they don't actually do anything but taking bonues back.
  5. billpham

    New server

    I am the person who played in Prime and switched to Medea. I want to share my views about the death of the server. The reason for the death server is not because of black market, its on the server itself. First, when tops max gears, they don't have a place or events to play. Since all rewards from bosses are trashes actually. For example, earrings from Asteroth? they are useless since the options have absolutely no impacts. Purple box giving 380 items with hp mana options + non luck? Its better to find a place such as Kubera to farm zen and get tier 7 with better options. The boss system itself is designed very poorly and unorganized. Can someone answer the questions: "What should we do when we max? What's next?". Well, many good players tried to answer the question and the answer is in the ranking table: They are offline. Second, many stuffs in ss15 does not work and does not make any sense in this server. For example: elemental damage does not work in the server and the difference between 3rd and 4th wings in % dmg increase & absorb is very slightly. That makes 4th wing becomes priceless, it's not worth to invest in crafting 4th wing in this server because the cost is expensive and it does not make big differences. In addition to that, we don't have special accessories such as pendants and rings which is a minus. Third, GMs mostly ignore all suggestions from players and they do not actually take care of them. I understand that they have real stuffs such as jobs, family in their own life. We do appreciate them for hosting a server for us to play and the only thing we can do is supporting them through donation and giving suggestions. They replied our some of messages within a week and some are ignored completely. Oh well, that is how server supporters are treated in here. GMs do not take any responsibility for their works. I personally feel like they host the server and put it there to make money instead of making a place for MU lovers. One of the highest consumption tax in the world is 13% only, but in here we have to pay 16 (15 for the sv creators and 1 for CS owner). Sending bonuses as gift to a friend, we have to pay 15% tax based on the gift's price. Finally, before Medeax100 opened, they'd already opened Prime x5000 and they did not realize many serious in bugs in their own servers such as seals + vip bug. Many people quit after the bug was fixed because the gap between newbies and tops are huge. In other words, they did not have a good solution to solve the problem. Blaming for not reporting from players is not a good reason since they do not actually care and observer their community. If they did the problem would be fixed in months ago but in Prime. I do not care whether they open a new server or not. Because if they continuous working like this, they will need re-open their pools every couple month and waiting for others dump fishes swimming in.
  6. billpham

    New year avatars

    Bills-Sama/ Medea
  7. DanChoiNB/ Medea A1 - B8 - C5 - D5 - E3 - F9 - G4 - H2 - J10
  8. billpham/ DanChoiNB/ Medea/ 13:30
  9. DanChoiNB/ Medea 05 - 10 07- 17 15 - 23
  10. There is a lot of bugs in damage and pvp. Please check my message in discord.
  11. billpham

    Vlad / Medea

    My nickname: DanChoiNB2. Game server: Medea3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.14. Nickname of offender: VLad 2020.11.27. 18:35 Server Time
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