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  1. snake


    No, no se puede Pasar el RUUD, solamente las Cajas de RUUD (RUUD BOX), pero Puedes Comprar los ITEMS de la Tienda RUUD y Luego obviamente hacer TRADE a otro Personaje.
  2. check your EVENT inventory
  3. Sn4k3 / Prime D3 -E3- F3-D4-E4-F4-D5-E5-F5-F6
  4. Sn4k3/Prime A1-A2-B2-C2-D2-D3-D4-E4-F4-F5-F6 Monster D5 - A3
  5. Sn4k3 / Sn4k3 / Prime / 21:28
  6. Wings S3+15+Luck+3&HpRecovery = 4k bon+tax inbox me.
  7. FROM +14 TO 15 IS just 1800 BON
  8. offer me or txt me on game.. Sn4k3
  9. i have pants +9+l+dd+360 opt.
  10. snake

    New year avatars

    Nick: Sn4k3 Server: Primex5000
  11. Drinking a little bit of alcohol to stay warm. Sn4k3/Prime
  12. Sn4k3 / Medea 1 - T2 - H4 - H5 - H6 - T7 - HExtra - H
  13. **TOCA after almost a half year is still very expensive and need to everyone.** so then if you cant leave the Upgrade service more Cheap , atleast make get TOCAS more easy becouse.. still hard. 200 EUR to upgrade Blue Staff from +14 to +15 in your Services?, just beasty will do that, or buy one toca for 100 - 200 bon... and as you know is not 100% chance to succeed, so... to reach +15 in a item you need a lot of tocas, and pray to god. and we have to be honest, server is falling a part, even your Pandoras Pick has a veeery low rate.. i have open around 30 - 40 Box of luck and i have get nothing. i mean... why you put everything so far away?... people cant enjoy a game like that... the people who play this game is over 20 years old of course... we dont have the time like we use to.
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