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  1. Not a big deal, 2 pc and you can play 6 account at the same time or use another virtual pc. If you play mu, you have to own 3 acc atlest. Just a good advice. (csak egy kis jótanács) 😉
  2. Land of Trial, for castle owner guild only
  3. Website > Achievements You can get a lot of zen there too.
  4. Hááát fogjuk rá, de mi a Dune-on vagyunk.
  5. remond

    Creating wings

    Intermediate Spiritstone, create spirit stone option Excellent set item or weapon, Minimum: +7 +4 Additional Option Feather of condor, regular combination lvl2 wing +9 +4add Intermediate Spiritstone x12 jewel of soul x10 jewel of chaos x1 jewel of creation x1 Greater spirit stone, create spirit stone option Ancient set item or weapon, Minimum: +7 +4 Additional Option Lvl3 wing, regular combination feather of condor flame of condor greater spirit stone x8 jewel of chaos x30 jewel of bless x30 jewel of soul x30
  6. remond

    Creating wings

    You can buy lower stones in Devias next to the vault. Medium Magic Stone Item Excellent + 7 + 4add (Minimum) Supports multiple combinations Higher Magic Stone Item Ancient + 7 + 4add (Minimum) Supports multiple combinations
  7. remond

    Creating wings

    You can use lvl1 wings and Dinorant to go in Icarus. Loch's feather doesn't drop there. Zaikan boss drops it. 😃
  8. ReMoNd/ Dune 1 - T 2 - T 3 - T 4 - T 5 - T 6 - T 7 - TExtra - T
  9. Ashy Aida ranking, 2nd place - Pierce Lion's Seal
  10. It already started on monday night.
  11. They don't, Quest Master npc's jobs never reset. You can reset your character level and the quest progress remain.
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