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  1. 1. Who/What players make test 2. Do those players play on Mux servers and if so what classes they play and write what changes were made then you see who profit. 3. How ruud set lose to Excellente or Socket that is beyond me, make ruud set 50k ruud Briliant part if its same as Exc DPS when those doubledmg does nothing. You want to make sets closer then make Ruud cheaper not 10x harder to get. 4. Just all invest bons and change class to the best now this is how it is with fixes balances, every balance other class on Top. Regards.
  2. No, tried that already, vs socket set max sm DL unkillable.
  3. So website doesnt count attempts on BC for weekly rank properly and also DS for guild quest, for ppl who play 3 months maybe its not a big deal but for someone who started playing not that long ago it matters, my question is will this be compensentate anyhow ? cuz i dont believe ur gonna fix this till the end of todays event guild quest. Regards.
  4. halusky - sega A1 - B1 - C1 - H5 - H6 - H7 - D4 - E4 - F4 - C8 - D8 - E8
  5. Beasty u clevelry just turninig it around about HRP, i agree that reward for afk shouldnt be given but the main thing is to PAY for LOTTERY to get weapon, ONLY way to get full gear. Its normal on pirv srv but say it straight away, dont lurk around question.
  6. Keep up a good work, we thank you. Ban all those cheaters who steal the pleasure of playing the game.
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