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    seems that some maps are non-pvp and some are pvp - just as admin decide if LegendsArena which is common to everyone is PVP or NON-PVP that would make a big step forward to this server. Just a thought - consider adding non pvp LA to the server then. You'll be amazed how many players will enjoy it without PK freaks. I mean difference between S1 and S2 - make LA belonging to both separately. LA s1 PVP LA s2 non PVP EDIT: Seems you can't handle pvp server, if you want pve try different map not the most popular map... Rules are there for a reason. Btw, 4.3. is not game ban. Seems i really don't need to play on Your server. I just want to. Well ... i wanted to ... not really anymore. Thanks and have fun with more and more troublemakers. Cya.
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    Screenshots taken out of context : player Ulquiorra excessively killing people who are trying to exp in LegendsArena. Excuse mua but whenever any noob is exping - Ulquiorra, Steryd, SympLE or any other high rr player is just PK us in Arena. I vote Ulquiorra, SympLE and SterydKr out of the game for at least 2 weeks. Let's vote community. Let us vote. P.S: You want to ban me? No problem there's much more MU servers on the web. Do you want to loose players ? Ban me then. IDC. Hail to idiots like Ulqiuorra, SympLE and others ... just great policy. Have fun kiddo... you'e gonna suffer from this ... a lot.
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