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  1. Correction, it's zen muun not zen pet. So far I seen toy robot and Mutty not working.
  2. WTB> Valiant Set +13+L+DD = 2toca (Medea)
  3. I see, why there are 2 Toca slot when upgrading item. How many Toca needed to keep item from disappear on + 10 +11??
  4. Virtual vault section, move all items from bank vault to virtual vault Market section, virtual vault >sell item. Ur items on sale now visible on Ur market.
  5. Aequitas Medea A1 A2 B3 B4 C5 C6 D7 D8 E9 E10
  6. WTB> Wing 3 MG (Medea), pm Aequitas
  7. Aequitas Medea A1 - B1 - C1 - C2 - C3 - D3 - D4 - E5 - F5 - F6 Monsters: B3 D6
  8. Save for later, after server merged, Ur sword worth alot more.
  9. Amount of zen transfer from zen vault to Ur character cannot exceed 2KKK, make sure Ur character Holding 0 zen for this to work.
  10. Someone else bought that pandora pick, hope he learn his lesson....=.=
  11. Dear all, As entitled above, I strongly suggest to refrain pandora pick selling on web market. There were always someone who sell 1/255 durability pandora pick on web market to scam for zenny. This is seriously spoiling the gaming experience.... Surely u would say one shall always check before buying anything, but consider the fact that most people just simply sign up before reading the agreement, the same goes to buying on market, when one saw something they want with a low price, they easily fall for it by clicking the buy button without checking the items detail. I myself is a victim to this tricks, I bought it with 500KK zenny without realize it was 1/255 durability. I was traumatized since that amount of zenny is a big deal when u new to the game. But nonetheless, I didn't wish someone else to become a victim, so I sold that pick to npc. But on market I saw the another 1/255 pandora pick selling on 480KK zenny....I decide to point out this to avoid anyone to become a victim. To all others victim that fall to this tricks, please stand and voice out. Let us have a better gaming community, a fair and just marketing system free of fraud and tricks.
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