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  1. Guillotine / medea A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 C4 D4 E4 F4
  2. kjeizars


    i think that he doesnt know what is this
  3. kjeizars


    what are you trying to say? this makes no sense
  4. kjeizars


    there is nothing in that video to get banned for, lol, compare those to videos when VN kills you while hes in safe zone here i would assume its bad connection for Duong
  5. kjeizars


    i agree, pvp balance need to be worked on, i made set +15 it gave almoast no difference in pvp
  6. and again i just looked at your ingame profile, u dont know shit about this project or how everything works here, all you can do is cheat and cry.... with your items you should die from almoast everyone, but here pvp is still not balanced so you are fine with those shit items you have
  7. at this point its not even funny, its kind of annoying... i dont understand how ppl can be SOOOO dumb!?
  8. Maybe stop using speed hacks?
  9. and how its Beasty fault? you VN's are fucking dumb, sorry for my honesty
  10. and what have Beasty done to you?
  11. VN just have dmg debuff, couse they alweays cheat, thats why you are doing it so slow
  12. bad for you, next time dont die
  13. Guillotine/Medea B4 C3
  14. Guillotine / Medea 1 - 7 3 - 25 6 - 13
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