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  1. Trending/ Medea/ U6-O1
  2. pet zen is come back but zen not increase??
  3. . Bk rusk skill is str or ene? Swords blow power increase only from AGI, VIT and ENE with ruud set build will the best choice. and in case GL can increase HP? with 90k hp even i can't enough hp to reflect from my dmg. and no skill x2 from master so when wear ruud set u will stronger than all with 18% x2 and 8% x3
  4. u add this sum wing is w4 lol. 1. New skill of Bk is range 8 and very high dps. I think u know it and BK new skill is buff range 2.RF i think u can add basic hp him to 1 vit =4hp( or 3). Now skill buff can add 32k vit is too much. 3. Skill dmg in ss15 is ok just change ATK Power % is ok. like 10 ene =1% u can increase to 20
  5. 1. Just need to test how many ruud and toca for upload full set. Kaka 3. I think need buff for some rare class not dmg. Haha just mistake
  6. 1. We need ruud and toca in shop and BK is range 6 skill him not same RF and GL MG. 2. when pve dmg u need fix all class same dmg per sec in normal spot. Big Range dmg = small range skill + walk times. 3. Pvp dmg buff for rw, elf ...rare class :). class have ice effect and big range need nerf dmg < big range no effect. Small range need tank.
  7. 1) pvp complant HP swell BK. 2) Trending now event i cant kill BK with full hp and with full tank he can complete me in sec and i want complaint BK dmg why he can have 549k why me only 273k
  8. I think it wrong because in webzen shinning range 4 and magic spin 3( not ml is 3-2) and magic spin is highest dmg skill of GL
  9. 1) Problem with skill2) Trending3) 4) Skill Obsidian Powerup don't work. all pvp skill for gl range 2?? even lower rf what we need a lance when some1 can fist to face u and u not enough range attack
  10. immoss

    BK vs DL

    i think with BK u can make skill dmg to basic and nerf % power in ene. basic power ís 10 ene u can make it to 50 or 100 for balance. with basic dmg 8-10k bk can break def of them and cant do much dmg. And with ghost horse 3% hp is much when master level i hit can do 3-5 dmg= 9-15% + 7k5 hp. some times ur dmg dont enough hp recovery. I think 1% is ok
  11. immoss


    1. u need max vit. 2. u need w3 high + 3. over 510 ml for all dmg skill. last is: u need admin buff for RF 50k hp in buff skill
  12. immoss


    BK is strongest now. I think not only him hard to farm lvl, but with master lvl death tab skill very high dmg and no delay, when max rr 1 hit can get 10-20k dmg to me( GL full dd) and he got over 200k hp with 40-45% ref==> u need over 70k hp to kill him ( just stand drink hp) so u need over 90k hp to pk with him( just a live after 1 combo ). ==> I think BK if high dmg = low life or tank = low dmg Dw is the second with very high Dps. u can die in sec before enough range attack him( if he not die because ref and only BK can do it) now with master he can got ~20k hp. if don't ref him is the best. And reason for this is Staff ruud very high % dmg. with low rr and low gear sm is ok but max is OP. 3rd maybe GL. i dont sure but i think so :) ( I'm GL) But shinning skill is main skill but it not strongest. Magic spin same with very high delay. And all buff just in sec and not reset after death( duel and normal map same with RW skill) . And element dmg and def is not work ( or just a little) and GL is class highest element. But i think GL is ok now DL is OK. But him in CC is not good because cant use mount :) MG very ok in here :) Slayer i think this class ok just problem with BK and SM ( high dps and range) RF just some1 strong (i dont no because maybe ML) and ez die maybe buff a little for increase hp skill. SUM have a lot skill de buff but dont enough time use it. Maybe no1 enough strong . Maybe buff a little def or change to 1 vit = 4 HP for she enough time use debuff skill. Elf i'm very hate ice arrow :) but she have problem with ruud skill( dmg lower weapon skill lol... ruud skill have delay, u can test after shot she w8 a little and shot next times (maybe 0.1s but it's delay). RW dmg is good, highest speed but ruud skill very stupid and low def. But pk with ice storm and magic ball is ok ( but just a little people love this char maybe buff some def for she)
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