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  1. Hope you can get your boss back to work with me in the near future sir
  2. it's too hard for a new player like me i can't get enough party to start the event Can the admins review the current rules of the event and change it up a bit The current requirement I think is a bit unreasonable as it takes 3 parties to start the event that is very difficult with the old server with few players Hope it will be reviewed and edited by the admin @Arturs @Devil @Ivan Nebraska
  3. look this is Sm's best ex set and he couldn't move when he saw BK hit ( Big update ) Sm Full buff max gear vs BK no buff socket set 2hit when he auto train i can't kill even though radiance para is on i can't finish @Arturs
  4. I lost everything Errtel even though I didn't delete it @Arturs
  5. 1 Login of your acc : hatuanct3 and caubuonvie 2 Describe the problem : Zen and item on web market but has not been received .
  6. \What are your suggestions ?
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