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  1. Blessed Divine Archangel weapons should be another option for end-game builds, but they're so badly configured here that they're not worth the time and investment to make.
  2. Scijich / Antares A2 - B2
  3. Scijich / Antares 2-6 5-25 29-35
  4. The rule was made because one specific player would go to every map and kill every single person, legit "cleaning" maps. Yes the game is PVP by nature and yes its a feature of the game, but its also really trash to be a low-level, low-reset person and not be able to level up at all to fight back because the dude with full resets and gear keeps killing you all time. As Beasty said, it won't take long before u won't even care about the zen penalty of pkclear, nor will you care about the cooldown it has, just hang in there ^^
  5. Scijich / Antares A1 - B1 - C1 - C2 - C3 - D3 - D4 - E4 - E5 - F5 - F6 Monsters: B3 D6
  6. Scijich / Antares / R2 S3
  7. can you transfer bons from medea or prime to antares?
  8. Scijich / Medea A5 B3 C3 D7 E7 F4 G8 H10 I3 J5
  9. test EDIT: Fml a filthy tarkan mob
  10. Scijich / Medea 7-23 12-19 21-33
  11. That's great to see, thanks !
  12. Are Leather Gunner, Scale Gunner and Round Gunner sets added to the drop ? I can't seem to find any items, and I don't want to farm kundun boxes if I'm not gonna find exe items for my gun crusher. Also for some reason Gunner can use Ashcrow set.
  13. Y dejá de ser boomer man, el canal internacional es para que escribas en español, y las mayúsculas sobran
  14. Scjic / Medea / E3 O5
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