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  1. Just happend to me right now,i am after golden lizard waited in Atlans 2 for announcement and guess what,10 seconds from announce first one was killed,5 seconds later 2nd one down,good work ....ppl know the location of the spawn and its not random!It's not fair that way.
  2. Do we have golden fenrir or are u planning to get it into server?
  3. Just now BC 5 crashed the game just when timer was 3-2-1 to start.....wtf is this 1h wasted of my exp buff..... We were 3 ppl inside and other 2 also got dc like me.... name Krasinator others are heXuuSum and sexygirl
  4. Section services in your account panel on right.But be aware its very expensive,for example i wanted to add luck on my legendary boots and it wanted me 79 bonuses which is ridicilous.
  5. Okay,after couple of times i asked how much points we got after each reset and i didnt got answer i decide to calculate on 13 or 14 res and i got 525 points per reset without quest ones.Now i am res 31 and i have 17405 points total i have 2800 points from quests so 17405-2800=14605 points from resets,when calculated on 31 resets it came up 471 points per reset.So i just want to know is it points decrease with each res or i just can't understand the formula here?Please explain me the simple question,How much points we got each reset,500/525/471 how much exactly?Thanks in advance.
  6. This is not working as intended i think,when i reset my stats goes to basic.Can you explain if this is bug on me only or system not work by default atm? I have 400 on my enerdy from Master Tree while i got so far 2800 points from quests.Look at the picture. i have 128 quests completed.
  7. Online ranking is a joke man,i am online since server starts,get offline for 30sec to res and get back in,and im not into 50 places?Count 8 days 24h per day is 192,18hh from today 210 total and im not in the list at all....can you explain me how is this possible? Also i ave 34 votes for server and again i am not in rankings ppl with 24 votes are in me with 34 out...great system no sh.t!
  8. Yesterday at last bc before midnight 23:30 one,after we finished and i personally bring back the wepon to soldier,he first told me weapon has been returned thank you,then nothing happend,and after i clicked 2nd time on him he said quest is faileld and big screen pop up telling me -300 points and failed bc.After i exit wondering what bug was that,even i had 302lvl all maps over 150lvl was red and i couldnt move anywhere.I walked through Noria to enter Aida and when i clicked again M button 150 lvl maps also gone red.....is this related to crash on server in 2am this morning?And can you fix it so it wont happen again?Thanks.
  9. Jewel of luck is really nice to have especially with so much items without luck.Can you reconsider about that?Just jewel of luck,nothing else.Thanks.
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