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  1. maybe he have min dmg roll on that hit ... who knows? maybe his next ignore def hit wus 50k ? maybe not... who knows? testers must chek it then say somth ... or make a video atleast
  2. Доброго времени суток Вчера выйграл 20 бонусов в квесте на форуме Хотелось бы получить , до сих пор не пришли. Ник: lMHZl serv :Medea спс
  3. but what u must to do when ur event inv already is full and u cant create free space 4x4 ??
  4. il know that ... ur list says 121 525 Sapi-duo 122 550 Shadow knight BUT Quest 121 Kill 525 Shadow Knights quest 122 Kill 550 thunder napins
  5. quest 122 Kill 550 thunder napins
  6. Quest 121 Kill 525 Shadow Knights not 122
  7. Slayer Battle mind passive didnt work aswell...
  8. В ачероне у нпц продаются свитки сброса И еще если у тебя будут вопросы пиши в International , а не в общий раздел. т.к форум в основном для англоговорящей аудитории.
  9. Slayer : Passives : Cyclone strengther,Twisting slash strengther,Rageful blow strengther,Sword inertia strengther All these skills decrease ur dmg instead of increase it !... Sword inertia mastery-dont increase range Buff skill : Demolish - Decrease ur dmg Test all of these skills on monsters and notice they didn't work right. ---
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