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  1. Buff RW, its supposed to be similar to SM, but its worse in every aspect. Meteor is better than RW every spell, no teleport,no mana shield. i dont see the point of this champion.
  2. Pokezzi/ Medea1 - T2 - H3 - T4 - T5 - H6 - T7 - HExtra - T
  3. Someone know why i cannot teleport to new map?
  4. Bali/Soldier drops blue choclate box, also statues in Gaion event, from box of luck i also have got it. and lottery, both zen and coin ones.
  5. pokezzi

    PK Clear

    Phahaha what a reason to leave. Byeee
  6. pokezzi

    PK Clear

    Losttower/Aida/Arena are your friends, if scared to PvP or wanna afk in peace.
  7. 2nd muun options dont work, alteast when you have 2x zen ones, then 2nd muun adds nothing. so its useless
  8. okok, i know Blizzard private servers, some streamers got banned a while ago. Just in case look into it before you do stream it
  9. Are you even allowed to stream private servers in Twitch? Pretty sure you can get banned from it when streaming private servers.
  10. Becose u failed 3 items in a row with 90% does not mean its not 90%, mabye next 20 times its success? that is not how RNG works. flipping a coin is 50% but sometimes you get tail more than once in a row right. but when u try that 90% combination 10000 times, you see it evens out.
  11. Offer here or ingame : Pokezzi
  12. so u had more than 1fps in castle?:D
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