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Hello, i would like to share some experience which i think should be improved as fast as can.

1. /offlevel system, i advice to remove during offlevel movements on characters - its huge annoying system, when characters just like a stupid monkeys always running far away from spot 6-10 tiles and EE (if you have buffer) always run into them for buff, so spot very often are without 2/3 party members..

2. As for me, there is broken dk character, you can check top100 players and you will see only 7 (4 from those 7 are with VIP) dk/bk characters, since dk have only 1 advantage during first few monts/half year at least - tank, all other things is totally broken (dk do not do any good dmg, at least thanks for fix Destruction Skill, but this is not enough) when dk trying to learn Ruud Skill - he also there have many restrictions like he need many stats to learn Fire Blow (2.5k str 2.5k ene) and especially Sword Blow (Around 5k str, 5k ene or more) - while all others characters no need any special stats requirements for learn Ruud Skills and they do 5-12k dmg and easy leveling on spots,bc,ds with high range skills...

P.S. I also don't accept the story - go complete quests for stats, those things says only other characters class owners, with dk same quests do 5x harder to skill range and dmg, while many others do such things easy (my main characters on start was - dk, later i created mg like a alt, but in time he become my main characters - since all things i do with this class with fun, leveling,quests, fighting for mini-bosses and etc)

This thing i see only like - people just have fun with MG,DL,SM,SL and other characters easy leveling, high dmg, high range skills and after few months part of those will just use "change class" and will be bk, but for now leveling with bk is fully useless thing - (if you would give me a change to change the class for free i would change it for 100% and with fun and easily leveling another character). I dont accept this thing like "bk will be king on late game", what a late game on x10 server? half year,year? 80% of those players who are there now not will play here after a few months, or will just make like i said before "change class option" what about we talking?

Thanks for reading, i hope something will change, or at least give a chance to 1 time change class for free i would use it.

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21 hours ago, provetik said:

Tôi muốn nói

thêm: Sửa chữa làm ơn Blood Castle, có thể giết lẫn nhau bằng CTRL.

no is good

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