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Vulcanus - RUUD farm map

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You know Aida as a sightly but dangerous place. But there are a lot of players who hunt different monsters, so the growing population of snakes has started to migrate to a new location, which is the Vulcanus map. 
These snakes aren't very dangerous, so almost every player with few resets can start to hunt them. 

Now Vulcanus is a farm map for extra RUUD.

  1923f2fd165734a95b7f482cd23aca13.png eb2fbda9e64ad3f8fe50232dde00f691.png 8825d30bd053c72cefceac96229777ec.png fc57f996bdff5fb645c679c37e58e835.png
  Tiny ruud snake x6  Ordinary ruud snake x6  Fat ruud snake x6  Huge ruud snake x6
Amount 100 RUUD 200 RUUD 400 RUUD 1000 RUUD
Respawn 30 minutes 60 minutes 120 minutes 240 minutes

Also, one time per day at the 18:30, strong Bloody Orc will visit Vulcanus, to protect snakes.
Each Golden invasion in Vulcanus will appear Goldem Golem. After killing you will receive 2500 RUUD.
Player which kills him, will receive an extra 5000 RUUD. Approximate coordinates of Bloody Orc respawn - 125,75




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It's a random spot. 

55 minutes ago, choimu99 said:

can u give me coordinates when the snake respawn

It's a random respawn. 

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